Why Millenial Gen Have No Brand Loyality?

The study said that the millennial generation has no brand loyalty. They easy-going form one brand to another brand. Why?

  • People in the older generation need a brand to help decision making to find a good product. In the previous era, the communication source is one to many communication or mass media, they have no forum or peer group that give them information and review. So they laid to most reputable and famous producer or brand.  The reputable brand keeps their reputation and gives a good guarantee. 
  • Millenial generation does not depend on good reputation brand to find good products. They can read the customer review and their group and forum review. They more believe in their friend than advertising. The forum already has a role as the previous brand. Instead of using a brand that socially created, they use digital forum or group. 
  • Internet and computer reduce many business processes. It enables a company to find good outsource.  It also reduces marketing cost. So competition so high. So many companies that disrupt older old style business model. So millennials prefer to choose a better offer. The old brand is not necessary. The new company often offer very good offer.
  • Millenial often faces new wonderful ideas and new products.  So, they also open to new products.
  • Millenial has a growing nerd. A nerd is an enthusiastic group that opens to innovation. They have a forum about their enthusiasm. They like to try new products. They also like to share their ideas, so their follower often to adopt their ideas.
  • Millenials aware that so many inventions that improve their hobby or work. So good brand products often obsolete because there better invention that more efficient and more effective. So they open to new products than loyal to the old brand.
  • They get information about products is not from the brand ambassador, but from their groups. That includes the negative comment about a brand. So they can lose their loyalty. 

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