Advertising In Social Media and their Characteristic

Advertising In Social Media has interactive and informed decision. What is the function of advertising? Eh. Wait a minute. Why discuss ad functionality while we can create ads by modifying other people’s ads?

Other people’s ads have their own targets. Their target can be the same as our target, can also be different with our target. If the target is the same, no problem. If the target difference, certainly does not help to achieve our target ads. That’s why we need to know the advertising functions, to identify the goals the ad wants to achieve.

Function of Advertising in Social Media

The function of the ad, based on the definition already visible, that the ad serves to seduce. Although the ad is aimed at seducing, it does not mean every single ad is always seduced to buy. There is one ad that targets are not grandiose, introducing products and brands only. No solicitation to buy. There was no concerted effort that the call was a benefit. There is no threat that if you do not buy, then get the risk. No button or description, what to do. There is no. Only brand, about product or company. Brand does not mean logo name only. But also his character. Brand character.

Brand Building

Is there an ad that only introduces the brand, with no solicitation to buy its merchandise? Why does an ad not always offer merchandise? Because it can happen between ads and the target market there are obstacles. The obstacle is the ignorance of the provider of the offer. If you are directly offered by showing the benefits of buying, they will refuse, “Who are you? I do not know. I do not trust you yet. ” I do not know the benefits of your product yet. ” “I need a product like that, but why should I choose your product?” “I want to buy, but not now.” Their ignorance and distrust and inaccuracy are obstacles. Therefore there are advertisements whose target is not to invite people to buy merchandise but to introduce the brand and show the brand reputation of the company and the product.


Indeed, there are also frequent barriers to receiving the offer is small. It’s a fortune. To face such a target market, overt advertising will be effective. A group already know the benefits of the product, if not from us, they are familiar with similar products with the products we offer. In addition to knowing the benefits, they are also in need of our products. They also believe in us, though we do not know, because of the reputation of the community we are in, or for any other cause.

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