Viral as Millennium Marketing Concept

The problem with marketing permissions is, how to get the first attention and ask permission to establish further relationships. The trick is not to buy ads that interrupt. The best way to build a business is to help customers tell about your product. Today, the majority of people are connected to the internet and easy to spread ideas in words, pictures and videos. The number of early users who are enthusiastic about new ideas is increasing in the age of information technology in this grasp.

What are the characteristics of ideas that are easily spread? Everett Rodgers studied more than 500 cases of how ideas were adopted by many people and organizations. He identified the characteristics.

First, relative advantage. The idea is easy to perceive better than the standard. The greater the superiority relative to the common ways, the easier it is to be accepted and spread.

Second, compatibility. Match your experience and expertise. The more suitable the experience and expertise available, the easier it is for people to understand new ideas.

Third, simplicity. The easier it is to digest, the easier it is to use, the easier it is to accept.

Fourth, it’s easy to try. The easier people use ideas, the easier it is to accept new ideas.

Fifth, it’s easy to see results. The more visible results if the idea is used, the easier it is to accept and spread the idea.

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