Transformation from Need to Demand

When Apple introduced the first tablet, people didn’t know what it was. They don’t automatically want it. Apple is working hard to introduce the benefits of tablets through advertisements and publications. After that, many people want it. It shows that in order to change needs into desires, it is necessary to introduce in advance what the benefits are. How the item fulfills the desire. Shifting from need to demand requires a learning process.

Learning theory teaches marketers that to build demand for products, they can

• link the product to the needs

• through messages, packaging, and in the form of images, words, sounds, smells, and other senses

• and provide positive reinforcement.

For example, to make people want an iPad, Apple made a television advertisement with the slogan “A magical and revolutionary product and an unbelievable price”. A magical and revolutionary product with unbelievable prices. The ad content about how to use, which is to browse the web, read and send emails, enjoy photos, watch videos, listen to music, play games, read books and so on. iPad is associated with work, entertainment and self-development / self-actualization. More than 350 million iPads were sold since the initial year of its launch, 2010. When people use the iPad and are satisfied, there is positive reinforcement. He will tend to use it again, or buy other apple products.

That is an example of a new innovation product. It took a lot of effort to introduce it. Many products are not new innovations, so people have linked them to needs. For example clothes to fulfill warmth, rice to eat, mineral water to drink. These products have become market desires and demands.

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