Target Market Profiles That Inspire Value Proposition

target market profiles

Target Market Profiles data is easy to get in today interactive information age. By knowing geography, demography, psychography, and behavior, does an automatic person have an insight into what the product can offer? Not everyone can. Alexander Osterwalder, not known as a marketing figure, offers a profile that makes formulation more easy for services. How he does this, instead of viewing the segment, namely responsibilities, hopes, and fears.

Geographic, demographic, psychographic and behavioral profiles are not unnecessary. We need it. The profile lies behind obligations or job, hopes, and fears. The segment profile in the aspect of the obligations or jobs, hopes, and fears helps us to formulate their acceptable offer because it is something they need.

Geographic profiles, demographic profiles, psychographic and behavior profiles have implication or impact to their jobs, hopes, and fear.  Then jobs, hopes, and fear have a direct impact to value proposition.

Example of Using Target Market Profiles

For example, a mother who lives in Washington is a lawyer. She needs paper, fashion that makes her reputation is good. She also needs to promote her service. Shee needs to update information about the law. She has hope: to get the client, a good client. The client that pay good enough. She was afraid of lose her case.

You can create a media for her profile that update for her job also her responsibility to her as a mother. As a trader, You also can offer paper or office equipment. As a lawyer, you can help a information about the law. you can serve book, you can as a nurse for her children, you can offer breakfast meal. You can serve transportation, may be exclusive transportation. If her image is her priority, fashion has to luxury. Watch also a luxury.

Because she also has fear, you can offer how to win her case. More specific, especially relevant to her case, that is more helpful. If he has water gate case, for example, your offer of information about Watergate is relevant for her and important.


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