Advertising Goal Not Always for Conversion

Advertising goal is conversion but they do in several steps. Lucky is not always happened. Therefore, ads slowly lead the target market step by step. Starting from introducing brands to build trust and recognition, then followed by delivering product benefits to encourage sales transactions. Here are the levels of targets the ad wants to achieve.

Advertising to introduce the brand (awareness)

This ad, for example, suggests that a brand is good, honest, responsible, expert and fun. Ads tell a story that a brand is an expert in some way. It does not mean to say the person behind the brand is an expert but shows his knowledge that he is an expert. If you sell acne medication, he tells about skin diseases, medicinal ingredients, and so on. When selling furniture, he shows his expertise about various types of wood and how to choose the best wood.

Another example is cigarette advertising Needle 76 story funny thing. The ad tells the story of the couple who travel in the mountain, then the man fell on the cliff. Jin appears to offer help, that will grant one request. In fact, the woman asked for skinny, did not ask to help her partner. Adorable. In the ad, there is no story of cigarettes at all. The ad only conveyed the 76th Needle Cigarette branding along with entertaining stories. What does the advertisement say? Needle 76 is good, entertaining you. There is no protrusion of the needle benefit 76. There is no threat that if a needle is smoked 76, we will achieve evil. Just an entertaining story, and it’s good. Later we conclude that the cigarette produced by Needle 76 is also part of the good. That’s a good cigarette. That’s the conclusion that advertisers expect. This kind of advertising if in advertising, the name of soft selling ads, free translation smooth promotion.

If on facebook ads, ads for the purpose of introducing this brand is on the leftmost column, the consciousness column. It’s your choice of marketing goals provided by Facebook. It is a series of buttons on Facebook ads to pick a destination. Check here

Technically, it does not mean if your ad is a smooth promotion, it means choosing the target brand awareness and pushing the brand and brand awareness target. You can fine-tune ads with targets in the awareness, considerations and conversions columns. You can spread ads on Facebook ads in the awareness, considerations, and conversions as well.

Advertising In Social Media and their Characteristic

Advertising In Social Media has interactive and informed decision. What is the function of advertising? Eh. Wait a minute. Why discuss ad functionality while we can create ads by modifying other people’s ads?

Other people’s ads have their own targets. Their target can be the same as our target, can also be different with our target. If the target is the same, no problem. If the target difference, certainly does not help to achieve our target ads. That’s why we need to know the advertising functions, to identify the goals the ad wants to achieve.

Function of Advertising in Social Media

The function of the ad, based on the definition already visible, that the ad serves to seduce. Although the ad is aimed at seducing, it does not mean every single ad is always seduced to buy. There is one ad that targets are not grandiose, introducing products and brands only. No solicitation to buy. There was no concerted effort that the call was a benefit. There is no threat that if you do not buy, then get the risk. No button or description, what to do. There is no. Only brand, about product or company. Brand does not mean logo name only. But also his character. Brand character.

Brand Building

Is there an ad that only introduces the brand, with no solicitation to buy its merchandise? Why does an ad not always offer merchandise? Because it can happen between ads and the target market there are obstacles. The obstacle is the ignorance of the provider of the offer. If you are directly offered by showing the benefits of buying, they will refuse, “Who are you? I do not know. I do not trust you yet. ” I do not know the benefits of your product yet. ” “I need a product like that, but why should I choose your product?” “I want to buy, but not now.” Their ignorance and distrust and inaccuracy are obstacles. Therefore there are advertisements whose target is not to invite people to buy merchandise but to introduce the brand and show the brand reputation of the company and the product.


Indeed, there are also frequent barriers to receiving the offer is small. It’s a fortune. To face such a target market, overt advertising will be effective. A group already know the benefits of the product, if not from us, they are familiar with similar products with the products we offer. In addition to knowing the benefits, they are also in need of our products. They also believe in us, though we do not know, because of the reputation of the community we are in, or for any other cause.

Advertising In Digital Age is More Personal

Advertising In Digital Age is different than advertising in mass media. So different, so we need to redefine advertising.

What is the advertisement? I get the feeling that the meaning of publicizing ads or advertisement is as yet old, as yet promoting in the press era. Investigate this. The ads as indicated by Philip (Kotler, 2011: Marketing Management) are (1) non-by and by identifiable data interchanges (2) paid and (3) powerful about administration items and thoughts by (5) supports clear personality through (6). In spite of the fact that promoting in the time of online networking, not nonindividual, more individual.

In the twentieth century might be known as the period of mass communication. Mass communication turned into a remarkable wonder around then. The Communication achieves a level where individuals can converse with a large number of individuals at the same time. The type of TV, daily papers, magazines, and radio. It is the most recent innovation. Promotions have non-individual or impersonal qualities as portrayed by Philip Kotler.

Definitions that underline usefulness are more important to media changes. Presently is the prevailing press move from broad communications to intelligent media, similar to the web, including web-based social networking like facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Whatsapp, Linkedin, et cetera. The definition that accentuates the capacity of the advertisement is the meaning of Ogilvy. In fact, Ads by David Ogilvy additionally advance Ogilvy’s publicizing organization, making it more enchanting, all the more encouraging.

According to Ogilvy: promoting isn’t a fine art, it’s a medium for data, a message for a solitary reason: to offer. The advertisement isn’t a workmanship, however a medium of data, a message with one reason: offering (Ogilvy, 2013, Ogilvy on Advertising, Knopf Doubleday Publishing). Ogilvy is a notable advertisement agency in the US, This is positively not quite the same as Philip Kotler, a scholastic. He is the proprietor of the incredible publicizing office in America. The definition is without a moment’s delay tempting too. By definition, promoting administrations turn out to be exceptionally alluring for organizations that need publicizing.

Definition Change

The meanings of Philip Kotler and Ogilvy were conceived in the mass communications time when web-based social networking did not exist. On the off chance that Kotler’s definition is connected on Facebook, there are matches and some are not reasonable. Facebook promoting remains a powerful correspondence of data about administration items and thoughts. It is more individual than mass communication. It can be free of charge or buy an ad.  On Facebook, the personality of publicists cannot be clear, in light of the fact that to run advertisements, basically by having a facebook account. A facebook record can be phony.

Despite the fact that there are trademark changes, publicizing on facebook still proceeds with the capacity of promoting for business elements. In short, it is the influential message. Ogilvy’s definition is as yet important including for facebook promoting, publicizing is a message with the motivation behind the offering. The term he to offer. To offer in English means there are two (1) offering. Offering in the feeling of trade of merchandise and cash. (2) allure somebody by depicting the advantages and enormity of something (Cambridge Business English Dictionary © Cambridge University Press). While in the Indonesian dialect, offering it implies special case that is the trade of merchandise and cash, without seduction. Just in the publicizing group in Indonesia alone means, pitching it to allure individuals to purchase, does not mean exchanges, cash, and merchandise trade. Is the term misleading?

Advertising Function in Marketing

Advertising Function in Marketing is manifold. It is not always to sell. There are several different goals.

So what’s the different goal of ads for? Can we activate soft selling and hard selling for each of goal in facebook ads? The point is, in the consideration and conversion field, Facebook selects the audience. In the consideration field, Facebook will help select audiences who like to engage in ads, whereas, in the conversion column, Facebook selects a shopping audience.

Ads to generate engagement (considerations)

There are also advertisements that not only introduce brands but also drive the target market to engage in deeper advertising messages about the brand’s reputation or the products and services it offers. In the social media era, this is possible because, advertising can get input from viewers and follower/followers (follower/liker) responses, commenting and sharing of the target market. The advertiser wants to get respond to their ads by the target market and become popular,  responses and popularity from viewers. This ad is more persuading people to make a purchase.

If the setting of Facebook ads, Ads designed for that purpose will be supported by Facebook, if we choose the purpose in the field of considerations in the middle. This option can be accessed at

If not to persuade to buy, what ads for?

Customer buys something not only for their need, hope, expectation, avoid fear. That is not enough. Customer buys something because they need and also believe the credibility of a seller.  That is why seller creates credibility ads by sharing their caring about customer problem without commercials tendency. That is because they want customer know and trust them.

If you sell acne medicine, you can share that you expert in alchemist. Also, you can evaluate good and bad medicine. To build your credibility, you can share about skin health. Factor that has an impact on acne. So audience thinks that you are expert on skin, so if you sell acne medicine.

That is advertising function In marketing.