Marketing as Soul or Component?

Marketing as soul means everyone is a marketer in their roles.

Advertising also a marketer but not the only one. It is one of the marketing factors. Advertising alongside other factors aims to keep sales on an ongoing basis. Ogilvy says the sole purpose of the advertisement is to sell (advertising is not an art form, it’s a medium for information, a message for a single purpose: to sell).

Sell in English means two: selling and seducing to drive sales. If we mean the meaning of sell that means sales, we are persuaded by Ogilvy seduction to accept merchandise, which is making advertising. Ads are one of the teams. If in football, the ad is an attacker (striker). Attackers are important but do not expect to succeed in their own work. Ads are important but do not expect to work alone in seeking ongoing sales. There are other factors that together work for that purpose. The ‘speak’ or deliver the message to the target market is not just advertising. The product sends a signal to a customer by their quality. Price gives easy to get by lower cost’. Location sends a signal about convenience to access.. ‘Speaking’ service. Experience of ‘talking’. They speak their own language, and the target market understands.

Advertising is part of marketing. According to Hermawan Kartajaya, founder of a MarkPlus marketing firm, marketing is the idea and program of achieving sustainable satisfaction for customers, employees, and key partners. Products give satisfaction to customers with getting useful goods and services. Marketing have tasks to make Employees happy with earning and working comfortably and meaningfully. The supporters are satisfied with the benefit and meaningful work.

Marketing is not an organization component

Marketing is not a member of an organization’s body, but an organizational spirit. In short, Marketing as soul.  Everyone inside the organization is a marketer. Ads are also marketers. Advertising is an effort to deliver a message, seduce to lead the market segment to make a purchase. Thus satisfied customers, employees, and key partners are also satisfied because they get income. The other components are also marketers.

Alex Osterwalder, from, offer an idea about business model canvas (Business Model Canvas). The business model best describes the complete and simple components of a business entity. That component is the product’s value proposition, the market segment, then the component that links the two, the customer relationship, the channel. Further supporters of the value offer are key partners, key activities, key resources, and costs and revenues. All components participate in the creation of value bids and ‘talk’ or deliver messages to market segments.

Hard Selling Advertising, is it relevant?

Hard selling advertising is ads that drive sales transactions. Not in covert, but in overt. It shows that they want to sell goods clearly. The ads suggest buying the product with add to cart button. The advertising blatantly telling about the benefits of the product and asking people to buy, sometimes a little force, by showing the risks of not following his advice. Also sometimes openly declare the privilege of the product and say also other products worse.

These ads simultaneously introduce the brand, show the benefits and invite people to buy goods. Well, good dong. Why are not all ads designed with this target? Because such tendentious ads tend to be rejected, except for people who already trust your brand reputation and are in need of your product. If he does not trust your reputation, he will refuse. In advertising terms, this kind of advertising is called hard selling.

Facebook provides an option for hard selling promotional advertising. Technically, it’s up to you to fill that ad with blatant advertising or a vague advertisement. It’s just that if you choose to set the purpose of Facebook ads with the option of conversion, Facebook will select the audience for your ad with the criteria that like shopping.

Advertising Funnelling

That’s the three ad target classes, not the target market but the target of the influence you want to get from advertising. There are ads that do not immediately target sales or sales conversions, because of the target market, there are some objections.

There are various objections. Maybe, they have an objection because they are not knowing. An objection can mean they know but they are not believing. Objection because not know the benefits deeper. Objection to not knowing why to choose our product, no other product. The objection about the timing is not right. He is interested and willing to buy, but the timing is not right.

The objections are solved one by one by advertisement until a purchase occurs.

After the purchase, this customer needs to enter our data on Facebook, and need to maintain service continuity. These customers can be target markets for different products, to meet their needs.

That is Hard Selling Advertising.

Advertising Goal Not Always for Conversion

Advertising goal is conversion but they do in several steps. Lucky is not always happened. Therefore, ads slowly lead the target market step by step. Starting from introducing brands to build trust and recognition, then followed by delivering product benefits to encourage sales transactions. Here are the levels of targets the ad wants to achieve.

Advertising to introduce the brand (awareness)

This ad, for example, suggests that a brand is good, honest, responsible, expert and fun. Ads tell a story that a brand is an expert in some way. It does not mean to say the person behind the brand is an expert but shows his knowledge that he is an expert. If you sell acne medication, he tells about skin diseases, medicinal ingredients, and so on. When selling furniture, he shows his expertise about various types of wood and how to choose the best wood.

Another example is cigarette advertising Needle 76 story funny thing. The ad tells the story of the couple who travel in the mountain, then the man fell on the cliff. Jin appears to offer help, that will grant one request. In fact, the woman asked for skinny, did not ask to help her partner. Adorable. In the ad, there is no story of cigarettes at all. The ad only conveyed the 76th Needle Cigarette branding along with entertaining stories. What does the advertisement say? Needle 76 is good, entertaining you. There is no protrusion of the needle benefit 76. There is no threat that if a needle is smoked 76, we will achieve evil. Just an entertaining story, and it’s good. Later we conclude that the cigarette produced by Needle 76 is also part of the good. That’s a good cigarette. That’s the conclusion that advertisers expect. This kind of advertising if in advertising, the name of soft selling ads, free translation smooth promotion.

If on facebook ads, ads for the purpose of introducing this brand is on the leftmost column, the consciousness column. It’s your choice of marketing goals provided by Facebook. It is a series of buttons on Facebook ads to pick a destination. Check here

Technically, it does not mean if your ad is a smooth promotion, it means choosing the target brand awareness and pushing the brand and brand awareness target. You can fine-tune ads with targets in the awareness, considerations and conversions columns. You can spread ads on Facebook ads in the awareness, considerations, and conversions as well.

Advertising In Social Media and their Characteristic

Advertising In Social Media has interactive and informed decision. What is the function of advertising? Eh. Wait a minute. Why discuss ad functionality while we can create ads by modifying other people’s ads?

Other people’s ads have their own targets. Their target can be the same as our target, can also be different with our target. If the target is the same, no problem. If the target difference, certainly does not help to achieve our target ads. That’s why we need to know the advertising functions, to identify the goals the ad wants to achieve.

Function of Advertising in Social Media

The function of the ad, based on the definition already visible, that the ad serves to seduce. Although the ad is aimed at seducing, it does not mean every single ad is always seduced to buy. There is one ad that targets are not grandiose, introducing products and brands only. No solicitation to buy. There was no concerted effort that the call was a benefit. There is no threat that if you do not buy, then get the risk. No button or description, what to do. There is no. Only brand, about product or company. Brand does not mean logo name only. But also his character. Brand character.

Brand Building

Is there an ad that only introduces the brand, with no solicitation to buy its merchandise? Why does an ad not always offer merchandise? Because it can happen between ads and the target market there are obstacles. The obstacle is the ignorance of the provider of the offer. If you are directly offered by showing the benefits of buying, they will refuse, “Who are you? I do not know. I do not trust you yet. ” I do not know the benefits of your product yet. ” “I need a product like that, but why should I choose your product?” “I want to buy, but not now.” Their ignorance and distrust and inaccuracy are obstacles. Therefore there are advertisements whose target is not to invite people to buy merchandise but to introduce the brand and show the brand reputation of the company and the product.


Indeed, there are also frequent barriers to receiving the offer is small. It’s a fortune. To face such a target market, overt advertising will be effective. A group already know the benefits of the product, if not from us, they are familiar with similar products with the products we offer. In addition to knowing the benefits, they are also in need of our products. They also believe in us, though we do not know, because of the reputation of the community we are in, or for any other cause.