Learn from Godfather for Advertiser

Learn from godfather  is entertaining and interesting. In one of the scenarios of the movie God Father, famous singer Johnny Fontane said that his career has a problem to Godfather, Fontane said he was rejected for the lead film by movie studio director Jack Woltz, though the role most suited him. It can be maintained his career. Fontane says there is no way out because the movie starts next week.

Don Vito replied, “I’ll give him an offer he can not resist. “I will make an offer that he can not refuse.” Vito sent Tom Hagen, his personal lawyer, to tackle Woltz, offering lasting friendships and help to tackle labor union pressure. Woltz refused. The next morning Woltz wakes up with his blood splatter and his favorite horse headpiece.

Next scene, Johny Fontane sent flower arrangements to Vito Corleone. He’s been a star in Jack Woltz’s movie.

Learning point for advertiser

The equation of the story with the ads that cover this book equals offering and asking for something. Don Vito offers eternal friendship and worker problem solving and asks Jack Woltz to accept Johnny as an actor in his film. Ads also ask people to give something and give offerings to target markets. The difference is, Vito uses physical threats to get his offer accepted, but ads cannot do that.

Equation again, Vito through Hagen to find a match between the offer and the situation of the parties offered. Before making an offer, Vito’s envoy, Tom Hagen is very important what is Woltz’s situation, what his dreams, his fears, and needs are. He is facing workers, so Hagen offers help for problems. Hagen guessed it fit accordingly.

Products in business are like that. Entrepreneurs seek to match their products to the needs of the target market. We formulate products based on the need of the target market.  Products designed to satisfy the target market. Furthermore, based on the results of the understanding of the product, the creator of the ad, including Facebook advertising, the preparation of messages based on products or offers to be conveyed to the target market.

The ad builder is a marketer, not an obstacle to creating an ad whose work is completed once the ad is created. He as a marketer, ad builders participate in striving for sustainable sales for customer satisfaction, corporate teams and investors.

With that responsibility, to make an irrefutable offer, the ad builder 1 (1) updates its notion of the target market, (2) adjusts the product or offer with an understanding of the target market (3) creates advertising based on market and supply situations.

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