Promotional Concepts Strategies in Marketing

What is a promotional concept?

Promotional concept is umbrella of ideas that promote your offer. It is ideas about how to win competition and get customer attention. Marketer thinks about their promotional goal by defining their customer segment, differentiation value proposition, products, and promotion. If promotion have target to get sustainable sales, it need to be a system that fix every barrier to that goal. Promotion is only fix one component. If we only fix one component, another barrier is still exist, no sales, no business.

The barrier is:

  • products is not match with their problem
  • They have no mood for the products
  • Customer think that price is not worth
  • They have no proximity with products. They have no quick access to get products.
  • Customer don’t know about reputation of producer
  • They don’t know about

Several Ideas about promotional concept

  • Reach promotional goal by select market segment. For example Seth Godin offer strategy by choose geek customer or obsessed customer. This is choosing who are most easy to give attention, try the products. Geek also share and buzz easily the promotion.
  • Get promotional goal by create message. This is guide to create copywriting message.
  • Create desire by create environment in promotion or your products. Human perceive products not only by their sense, but also by their mood and brand. So, create conducive environment can support their acceptability.
  • Create special offer of special obsessed customer. That is value proposition. Consider the component of value proposition.
  • Give so gift as persuasion strategy.
  • Promotional concept is not only one time shoot. But, promotional concept is sustainable promotion to get impact.
  • Keep in mind that all way to do is to pass barrier to buy for customer. Another thing is not necessary. We can pass the barrier by align products (customer value) and customer demand, products price, proximity and communication to create mental picture that the products is solution.

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