Promote Business Using Youtube

YouTube is good to promote business. YouTube is video sharing website that have big traffic. Its traffic support by search engine Google and their recommendation. YouTube help all kind of business to get viewer, if the content that you create is match with what audience find and like. Therefore, every video have different amount of viewer. There is benefit of YouTube for business.

  • YouTube help to host your video for a free.
  • YouTube have connection in search engine, so it get traffic from search engine Google
  • If you watch YouTube, they also give recommendation based on video that you watch, like, and your profile. So YouTube also recommend your video to audience that like similar one.
  • Video on YouTube exhibit livelier and conviction narration for audience. Aphorism say, seeing is believing.


If the amount of viewer is different for each video, how to get more viewer?

  • Create video that people want. You can research keyword that most people input in YouTube.
  • Fill information in your video. That is about description, keyword, tag, and also closed caption.
  • Create many video with different keyword or topic.

How to create video content for YouTube?

  • You can use camera or phone camera to create video about products
  • Convert presentation to video. Power point 2010 can convert their presentation to video format. Another example is activePresenter.
  • Software can help to create video. For example Sparkol Videoscribe, Sparkol Tame.

What is topic that help to connect business with relevant segment market?

  • Combination of hard selling and soft selling style is necessary.
  • Hard selling mean, you sell your product openly. You ask them to buy your products. You tell them how to buy. Usually, people don’t like to be persuade to buy. But, if they need, it is no problem.
  • Soft selling mean you talk about useful story or tips. Then you include your products in the story.


How to create story? Check here


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