Advertising Function in Marketing

Advertising Function in Marketing is manifold. It is not always to sell. There are several different goals. So what’s the different goal of ads for? Can we activate soft selling and hard selling for each of goal in facebook ads? The point is, in the consideration and conversion field, Facebook selects the audience. In the consideration field, […] →Read more

Advertising Role In Society, Not Only Words

Advertising Role In Society is important topics. Without knowing their role and power, we can think that advertising is only words. In the previous article, I said that language is power. Ads also power because it is language. Language, including promotions containing words, pictures, and recordings, is an extremely powerful apparatus for human control. Dialect […] →Read more

Language Role In Society is Amazing

Language Role In Society is very powerful. It is familiar but wonderful to control society Need to motivate another one to do what you need? Need to surge cash by urging individuals to spend for you? Do you need to explode your selling? It is an old inquiry that remaining parts and stays pertinent today […] →Read more