#2 Write Headline That Sell

It is challenging time to write a headline that sell. Message in digital internet medium explode. So many messages are in our gadget. Usually, we ignore most of the information include ads. Ads create a message to sell products. We read the headline first. If the headline is interesting, we read more the ads. Therefore, a headline is the first important bridge to all advertising. Fail in the headline is fail in all advertising. Whatever amazing offer we say in the body, the reader does not give attention if the headline fails.

Great advertiser, Ogilvy said, he spends more time on headline. Good headline improve number of readers. In addition, John Caples said “But even the greatest writer can’t save an ad with a poor headline.”

Headline exists in almost every ads or copywriting. In magazine ads, it is the title of advertising. In the email, it is subject of the email. If you write copywriting on Facebook, it is in a status post.

What are criteria of good headline? How to creates the headline?

Criteria of a good headline

Good headline make reader read next text. Copywriting job is to sell, but headline has task to make audience stop and read body copy. If selling in the headline is not get their attention, don’t do it.

Good headline only want to get attention from target market. Get attention to all people is not necessary. It select audience by mention target group or by specific offer.

The headline offer a reward for reading the advertising. It give benefit for time reader spent.

It is better, if benefit in headline related to the offer. If it is not related to products, it can distract and get false target market.

Originality is not necessary. But good headline has to persuasive, convincing, memorable. So it is not problem if we use cliché headline if it is work to sell.

How to make good headline

Good headline get reader’s attention. How to creates the headline? If headline offer helpful information or promises that matter for reader’s self-interest. Famous Advertiser, John Caples said that 3 way to get good headline. First, it is appeal self-interest. Second, it is like news style. Third, it is curiosity headline.

Self Interest Headline

Audience has interest. Then he give attention to headline that connects to the interest. For instance, audience interest is money, relationship, power, prestige, et cetera. Famous headline in America is “How to Win Friends and Influence People”. That is headline of Dale Carnegie book. It offer benefit to self-interest, relationship and power. Another headline is, “How to Get Money from Home”. It is also give promise something that satisfy self-interest.

Self-interest headline usually use words, such as free, take, get, money, health, enjoy, avoid, save, result and so on.

News Headline

News headline offer new situation that reader need to update. People need news about their society, development of economy, technology, social and culture. For instance, news headline often use  words now, here, announcing, breakthrough, discover, new invention, at last, new way, and so on.

Curiosity Headline

Curiosity headline use hilarity, mystery, intrigue. The headline usually using word, secret, must,  why, how, what, when, where and so on.

#1 What is Character of Digital Copywriting

A Digital Copywriter is a salesperson using a keyboard.  Computer or smartphone keyboard. He creates words to sell. So, Copywriting is not art or humor to entertain. Copywriting can use art or humor to sell.  However, that is not necessary. That is not the purpose of copywriting. Some festival of advertising judge advertising and copywriting by creativity criteria. That is not the essence of copywriting and advertising. Good copywriting is to sell.

Richard Kirshenbaum, Co-Chairman said that “Humorous ads are troubling because you have to create a link to the product and its benefit. Often, people remember a funny ad but they don’t remember the product.”

  If simple words sell better than beautiful words, use simple words. If beautiful words make people remember and want to buy, no problem to use the word for copywriting.

How copywriters do their job? He do their job by understanding target market, then create suitable copywriting for them.  To do the job, copywriting must  to get attention, communicate, persuade.

Copywriting Character in digital media

Is digital media  change advertising? Digital media change not only advertising , but also  market characteristic. Digital media has interactive communication feature.  Then, it allows people to skip information or announcement. This media is  also cheap for everyone to be message sender. Therefore, market is not just audience.  The implication is:

  • Human attention span is shorter than before.
  • Market can show their disagreement for copywriting claim
  • Information is overload.

So many marketers compete to get target market attentions in digital media.  Promotion cost by using email is cheap. Meanwhile, people attention is scare.   Therefore, market use spam filter in email.  They also label interruption promotion as spam.  

To face that challenge, digital copywriting has several specific character. The copy has to easy for short attention reader. it usually a brief copywriting for that purpose. It is also relevant for need, want and expect of the target market.  The copywriting is also winning their attention and interest.  Without their attention, copywriting is useless.

When was Marketing Born

Before Marketing Concept

Before human history knows about marketing concept, business has two division, production and sales distribution. Production is all about making goods. While this distribution is the task of intermediaries, including taking risks, transporting goods, financing, making advertisements, selling, assembling, selecting, and shipping to buyers. If the sales department has problems with sales, that is sales problem.

In the time, there are small factor that determine market demand. The thought at the time said, the price determines the demand for an item. The influence of prices on demand depends on the level of elasticity of an item. This is a well-known explanation in economics until now. The name is law of supply and demand.

Based on name of organizational structure, they also aware about accessibility.  They call sales department as distribution department. It shows that they are aware that distribution is a factor that determines demand.

Born of Marketing Concept

In 1914, Butler made a new concept. He named it marketing. Butler defines marketing as the plan behind a campaign or series of promotions. Butler is a sales manager at the Protect and Gamble Company. The concept is different from distribution and sales. He think this concept because based on experience, there are many problems that need to be solved first before making advertisements in the media and sending salespersons to the streets. Companies need to make decisions about products, distribution channels or how to reach the desired market. (Kazuo Usui, 2008, Development of Marketing Management, Ashgate).

The ​​Butler has idea to include product planning as part of marketing management. The idea is brilliant.  That make business cost more efficient.  That is an extraordinary idea in that day. The marketing idea has a different scope and orientation than sales management. Marketing has a new meaning. At that time, production decisions were part of production management, not part of marketing that was still synonymous with sales. With the marketing concept, the marketing department participates in managing the production aspects that determine the success of the sales campaign program.

Until now,  there is many people who can not differentiate marketing and sales promotion and advertising. Indeed, from the outside, the marketing job promotion. Its contribution in production planning is not visible, even though it is very important to adjust products and market needs.

Butler formulated marketing job in product policy to ensure the product achieved technical quality that was in line with consumer preferences, before the product was launched into the market. Before becoming part of marketing, production does not think about the suitability of products with consumer preferences.

#9 Class Instance Python/

Python allow to object oriented programming (OOP). That is make a code writing so fast. Because object oriented programming reuse another code that containt formula and data.

As OOP, main emphasis of Python is on object. Another progamming paradigm, procedure oriented programming stress on function.

Object is set of data (variable) and method (functions) that can work on data. To create an object, programmer create a blueprint, first, then create object. The blueprint is named a class. Then we can make multiple object based on a classs. That is make coding faster, easier to write and read.

Class is reusable object as blue print that contain attribut and methods. A class is a description of an object’s characteristics.

Some book say that class is also an object. So, to prevent confusion, some writer give different name for object, it is instance. Instance is an object that is create based on class/ or bluprint.

Create Class

Usually, people called create class as class definiton. Inside the class, there are data attributes and procedures. 

The syntax of class definition is:

class MyClass:
    statement or instruction

That is formula to crate class. Example of simple class is :

class MyClass:
  x = 5
  def func(self):
      print (hello)

That example is a class that have a attribute x = 5 and also method or function. The function is func(). 

Parameter and argument

Class have (1) data or property /attribute and also (2) methods or function. Function have characteristics in python. It have parentheses (). Inside parentheses, there is parameters. Parameter are specified value after the function name. Parameter in inside the parentheses. We can give empty parameter, one, two and more. We can add as many parameters as you want. To create multiple parameter we can just separate them with a comma

Value of parameter is argument. If your parameter is “name”, the argument is “John”, “Mary” and so on.

We can also give default value parameter. For example,

def my_function(country= "United States"):
  print("I am from " + country)


If the argument of function is empty, It will show default argument or parameter value.

Create an instance

To reuse a class, we can create instance of class. To reuse a class, we can import the class first, if the class in different file. If a class in same file with an instance, import is not necessary.

import MyClass

newinstance = classname.function(parameter)

Each instance of a class has characteristics of class. Each instance have clone datas and methods of class. Instance also can modify data without destroy class. So, class can be starting point to create new instance.