Marketing Mix Evolution

Marketing mix is so popular concept in business community. They often talk about it. So if we don’t agree about this concept, we need to know about it. In spite of its deficiencies, marketing mix still to be starting point to talk about business. Marketing mix concept is breakthrough in business.  It gives us actionable […] →Read more

Steps of Selling

The study of personal selling focuses more on the stages of sales. Thinking about it has changed but is still around the sales stage. This shows that the theme is felt to be important by personal sales professionals. This theme becomes the main material in sales training. That gives the impression that the sales study […] →Read more

Funny Story About Selling

funny selling about optimism

This is a funny selling story. A company sends two people to assess the shoe market potential on an island. The two people went to the island for two days and then reported their observations to the company. One person reported, there was no chance to sell shoes because the island residents did not use […] →Read more

Theses About Marketing and Personal Selling

Marketing and Business Business needs selling transaction that converts products to money. Without the transaction, no business. To sustain, the business expects sustainable selling transaction. Business endeavor to create sustainable selling transaction needs resource and subject to the limitation of the resource. So, it needs to optimize the ratio of result and cost. Business endeavor […] →Read more