Millennial Marketing Concept: Permission

According to Godin, Permission or approval from viewers is a condition of receiving promotional messages in the midst of a lot of message traffic. Viewers do not reject all messages. Viewers even search for information that is relevant to their needs and obsessions. There, marketers have the opportunity to help viewers to meet their needs. The sign that viewers need information from marketers is the sign of approval.

According to Godin “marketing permission” has the following signs.

• Anticipation: viewers want to know more about product and service information from the company

• Personal: messages directly related to individuals

• Relevant: marketing deals with something that market prospects are interested in

After marketing permission was introduced in 1999, a number of companies emerged to build agents, campaigns and marketing platforms. This idea even affects social media platforms that use the permission marketing method. Social media has features such as “making friends”, “likes”, “following”, “sharing”. In email marketing, this idea inspired the emergence of facilities such as double optin. With these features, marketers know who likes the messages they convey. Furthermore, marketers only deliver messages to those who are interested. Without those features, marketers don’t know who is interested, marketers spread messages in all directions. Viewers are also overwhelmed by the many messages, then they are likely to ignore messages from the email and social media platforms.

With this approach, marketing permissions differ from mass media promotion in choosing a target market. Permission marketing targets groups who are enthusiastic, obsessed with something. Godin shares the market segment again in terms of innovation adoption. First, innovators or originators of new ideas. The number of triggers of the idea is very small in a segment. Both are early idea users (early adopters. They are larger in number in the population. Permission marketing chooses innovators and early adopters as the target market. They are enthusiastic, dare to try and like to share. If the product reaches their hearts, they will tell more people.

   This is different from promotion through mass media. Promotions through mass media are more targeting their messages to followers of the initial users. Not an initial user.

Social media works by highlighting information that has passed the approval of social media citizens so that communication remains important and relevant. The timeline raises message messages based on the favorite algorithms of each social media citizen.

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