Marketing Mix Definition

According to Philip Kotler, the Marketing Mix (marketing mix) is still the king of marketing concepts in the era of information technology as it is today. When viewed from the development of marketing concepts to date, most concepts are not entirely different from the marketing mix concept

When Philip Kotler summarized the marketing work, the thing that stood out was the marketing mix. According to Kotler, marketing work is creating value – or something valuable – for the target market. The company creates value by building attractive products and services, providing the right price, putting it in a position that is easy to find, and promoting, so that the target market knows the existence of the product and wants it.

From the answer it is clear, the marketing mix occupies an important position in marketing work. There are products, prices, locations and promotions there.

Marketing Mix is ​​often criticized, but the criticism adds and refines existing concepts. So that a businessman is totally a concept of marketing mix, he cannot judge which aspects need to be considered to build sustainable sales.

The following is the definition, elements and history of its development.

Definition of Marketing Mix

Marketing Mix is ​​a series of marketing tactics designed by the company to generate market responses. The series in Jerome McCarthy’s version includes products, prices, locations and promotions. Marketing mix is ​​a variety of ways to meet consumer needs.

McCarthy was not the first person to initiate the marketing mix, nor was the last person. But McCarthy’s concept is the simplest and most memorable concept. So Philip Kotler helped popularize it through the book Marketing Management which has become a reference for many marketing majors in campuses in various countries.

Marketing mix is ​​an improvement on the concept of selling or selling. Sales by convincing people with words to buy existing products, are not adequate. Peter F Drucker in 1973 said, rather than surrender sales assignments solely to the sales team, it was better for the other side of the business to participate in supporting the success of the sales team. “People often assume business needs sales promotion activities. But the purpose of marketing is to make the sales promotion unimportant. The purpose of marketing is to know and understand the market well so that products and services are appropriate and sell by themselves, “said Drucker in the Management book. Marketing is a matter of how to understand what the market wants, and make an offer that matches that will, so that the product sells by itself.

To be able to support the work of sales, products, prices, locations, need to adjust to the target market situation. Thus the promotion effort gets support from the marketing mix. The sellers will have trouble selling goods if the product, price and location are less supportive or not in accordance with market needs.

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