Marketing Mix Boom and Bitner

The McCarthy 4 concept has its drawbacks, according to many marketers in the late 1970s. Even though the service (service) is a product, it seems hidden. People generally see products as goods, not services. Whereas the role of services is increasingly important in marketing along with the tight competition at that time. In 1981, Boom and Bitner added 3 elements in the marketing mix, namely:

• People (internal team). The success of services depends very much on the ability of the internal team to serve customers or customers. All team members have a contribution, directly or indirectly to the quality of service. Those responsible for customer service are not just employees who meet customers. Managers and leaders also play an important role by supporting employees who deal directly with consumers.

• Process (service process). Service procedures determine quality and service satisfaction. The procedure is the stages in service. Things that prove to satisfy consumers are the source for determining the standard stages of service,

• Physical Evidence (physical evidence). Services that do not appear to require physical evidence to be recognized. For example legal consulting services. Legal consulting services are not visible. In order to look like this service requires an office, meeting room, typical clothes of legal consultants, law books, and so on.

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