Marketing Mix and Positioning

Although the positioning concept is more popular later than the marketing mix, the marketing mix will be more effective with positioning. Positioning is a promise to yourself to provide benefits to certain target markets. The promise then became a guideline for formulating products, prices, locations and promotions. The promise was delivered and fulfilled through the marketing mix. That way the marketing mix will convey the brand and company message consistently, clearly and evocatively. Your marketing mix is ​​designed to follow to strengthen the predetermined positioning.

Designing the product is preceded by determining the target market. From determining the target market, it seems that what is the problem that the target market wants to solve. Products are designed to help target markets solve their problems.

The product was designed to follow positioning. Positioning contains imagery that offers benefits and differentiates it from competitors’ offers or other solutions. Positioning is formulated in such a way that the opportunity for the target market to choose your product.

If the product positioning is fashionable hijab syar’i for female students in Jogja, then the marketing mix product starts from the product, location, price, and promotion to adjust to the predetermined positioning. The design of the hijab is new, fresh, not old-fashioned. Location adjusts to the target market. The price is affordable by the target market, while not being cheap for them. Promotion of fashionable hijab syar’i themes and through the usual communication channels they use.

So the marketing mix is ​​closely related to positioning.

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