Los Angeles will ban fur products

Los Angeles will ban fur products. The council issued a proposal to draft ordinance that prohibits the manufacture and sale of new fur products. If the ordinance will be approved, the ban takes effect two years after the final approval. 

Fur is a symbol of glamour and luxury. Usually, bags, furniture cushion, and clothes use the prohibits. That is because takes is good looking, natural and expensive. The rich artist usually uses it. Then the mass also used it, so fur consumption is high. But fur meaning connotation already changes. It also means evil because it hurt the animal.

Fur is hair covering of animal. Usually that is non human mammals. For example, tiger, lion, cat, zebra and so on.

Mass consumption of fur has problem. The unprecedented consequences not in the commonsense meaning. To consume big fur mean to produce big fur. To produce big fur mean unnecessary cruelty for the animal. And the animal is part of habitat system that human also involved. So if an animal is extinct, that have the effect to all habitat. Councilman Bob Blumenfield said on LAtimes that is not only good legislative win, We feel like we’re evolving as a city, as people, to stop this kind of unnecessary cruelty.

If legislation ban fur, the market can use synthetic fur. Fake fur or faux fur. Faux fur is mad cellulose or synthetic fiber designed to imitate fur. Maybe imitation has a bad connotation, but to save our habitat, it is important to see it as a hero to save the animal.

One of a good example of fake fur is Modacrylic. This is  ‘fur’  fake alternative that looks like original fur.  It is relating to a synthetic textile fiber made from a polymer containing a high proportion of units. It derived from acrylonitrile.  Howard Strachman of Strachman Associates, a New York-based agent for faux fur. They outsource it from Asia.  

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