How to Find Customer that Love Your Offer

No business without customer that make transaction.  There is two kind approach to match offer and customer need. First, find offer that customer segment love. Second, find customer  segment that love your offer. We also can add three approach, the two variable, customer and offer are in feedback loop.

Find Offer that Customer Love

  • To find offer that customer segment love is find tested product that sell.
  • Look popular existing product, then create better offer
  • Identify customer segment pain, task and something that make them happy. Create offer that relieve their pain, get the task done, and help to make happy.

Find customer that love your offer

  • Create website. Visitor of your website is customer that interested to your offer. To know their identity, ask them to give email. Another method is give your website script facebook pixel.
  • Create advertising di facebook ads. Try for several audience based on geography, or age, gender. Which will love your products.

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