Herzberg Theory of Need

Frederick Herzberg conducted research on 203 engineers and accountants in the Pittburg area and found two factors about need. The first factor is satisfying (satisfier) ​​or a factor of rental (disatisfier). This satisfying factor is a factor that, if it exists, will make people satisfied. In marketing, this factor is a factor that if any, people are encouraged to buy.

The second factor is the tenant. If there are factors of rent, people are disappointed, complain and protest. If there are no rental factors, people are not disappointed, but that does not mean being satisfied. Satisfaction and tenants are two different things. To treat disappointment, it can’t be by adding a satisfying factor. Conversely, to get satisfaction, it cannot be done by eliminating the factor of rent.

Thus the marketer has two agendas in marketing, which is to seriously eliminate the factor of rent and increase the satisfaction factor. It can’t be just one. The loss of the rental factor does not seduce people to buy, but can make the person to cancel the purchase. Suppose he was interested in a chair with a good design, but he later recognized the weakness of construction. Purchase canceled. What are the rental factors and what are the satisfaction factors. The leasing factor does not meet the quality and service standards in accordance with what is generally applicable in the industry. Suppose there is no product warranty (if it becomes a standard in the product category), product construction, fast service, the product functions properly. While satisfying factors are factors that provide more benefits than competitors and exceed industry standards.

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