Hard Selling Advertising, is it relevant?

Hard selling advertising is ads that drive sales transactions. Not in covert, but in overt. It shows that they want to sell goods clearly. The ads suggest buying the product with add to cart button. The advertising blatantly telling about the benefits of the product and asking people to buy, sometimes a little force, by showing the risks of not following his advice. Also sometimes openly declare the privilege of the product and say also other products worse.

These ads simultaneously introduce the brand, show the benefits and invite people to buy goods. Well, good dong. Why are not all ads designed with this target? Because such tendentious ads tend to be rejected, except for people who already trust your brand reputation and are in need of your product. If he does not trust your reputation, he will refuse. In advertising terms, this kind of advertising is called hard selling.

Facebook provides an option for hard selling promotional advertising. Technically, it’s up to you to fill that ad with blatant advertising or a vague advertisement. It’s just that if you choose to set the purpose of Facebook ads with the option of conversion, Facebook will select the audience for your ad with the criteria that like shopping.

Advertising Funnelling

That’s the three ad target classes, not the target market but the target of the influence you want to get from advertising. There are ads that do not immediately target sales or sales conversions, because of the target market, there are some objections.

There are various objections. Maybe, they have an objection because they are not knowing. An objection can mean they know but they are not believing. Objection because not know the benefits deeper. Objection to not knowing why to choose our product, no other product. The objection about the timing is not right. He is interested and willing to buy, but the timing is not right.

The objections are solved one by one by advertisement until a purchase occurs.

After the purchase, this customer needs to enter our data on Facebook, and need to maintain service continuity. These customers can be target markets for different products, to meet their needs.

That is Hard Selling Advertising.

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