Funny Story About Selling

funny selling about optimism

This is a funny selling story. A company sends two people to assess the shoe market potential on an island. The two people went to the island for two days and then reported their observations to the company. One person reported, there was no chance to sell shoes because the island residents did not use shoes. One more person said that the opportunity to market shoes was very large because the population did not have shoes.

From the story, there are several lesson points. First, the company views the need to seek sales. Second, the same facts can lead to different conclusions.

Selling and business

The company in the story need selling because it is very necessary for the business. Businesses can survive without the production activities of goods and services, such as trading business. The trading business does not produce goods, simply buy goods from third parties, then sell them again. But, no business can survive without sales activities. Every business wants to try the goods produced are sold. Without sales, the goods do not turn into money, and there is no profit.

Business benefits can occur if money is managed into goods and services, then goods and services are exchanged for more money. So that businesses get their capital back and profits. Business benefits can occur if

The Meaning of Selling

Selling according to the Dictionary is processes, methods, actions of selling. Selling is giving something to another person (buyer) to get money to pay or receive money.

That is the definition that we generally know and often carry out selling activities. In this definition, there are elements of sellers, buyers, goods and value/money. Sellers and buyers exchange between goods and money.

In English, sell contains these elements. In addition, there are other elements, namely influencing.

Selling as Persuasion

In the English dictionary, Merriam Webster, sell in the sense that it is related to business means, “to give up (property) to another for something of value (such as money). If translated more or less, give something to others to get value, for example, money.

In addition, sell in the same dictionary has meaning, “to influence or make a purchase” and “to impose on”. That is, to influence or persuade the purchase to occur. ” “To impose on” means to impose.

This additional definition, influences and enforces this completes the previous definition. The sale or exchange of goods and money between the seller and the buyer can occur with the support of influencing activities.

Even so, sales aren’t always easy. Every business or business is trying to sell. The effort sometimes doesn’t work. Even if successful, not necessarily in the desired amount. Each company strives for optimal sales. The definition of sales leaves a question, how to influence people to make the buying and selling process happen.

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