Example of Unusual Great Value Proposition

Big businesses have extraordinary offers or value proposition. The offer is tempting to consumers, and competition is difficult to imitate. You are also difficult to imitate. But by studying various kinds of offers from big businesses, hopefully, you can find and make offers that are also extraordinary, useful and difficult to imitate competitors.

1. Body Shop

It is brand proposition of body shop: Embed social activism in business. The company has a great name because it associates with social activism. They are not the first social activism. Although she copied the brand name and the idea of recycled packaging from a U.S. company in 1976 and had only accidentally practiced social activism 10 years later, Roddick introduced the idea of creating stories behind cosmetic products.

2. Microsoft

Microsoft is not the first GUI operating system. But they realize ubiquitous computing.  Although not an early pioneer, Gates has introduced operating systems into the mainstream since 1975 and arguably made software an essential part of computing by taking advantage of the network effect.

3. Apple

It is the unusual offer of Apple: Transform how people enjoy technology. They transformed the computing, music, and phone industries by introducing the Mac (1984), iPod (2001), and iPhone (2007) with cool counterculture approach; also reinvented animation pictures with Pixar (2006).


IKEA have original brand mission : Make stylish furniture affordable

They create affordable price and smart furniture. They produce it by creating mass foldable furniture and distribute it in self-service retail shop. It reduces production cost and retailer shop.  For customer, it gives affordable price and self-service experiential stores (in the 1960s) and smart.

5. Virgin Group  Richard Branson

Founded by Sir Richard Branson, Virgin have brand mission: Bring excitement to boring industries. They will give business with risky and diverse ventures under the single brand name since 1970, Virgin Group;  They applied unconventional 400 business practices company-wide. our core consumer sectors of Travel & Leisure, Telecoms & Media, Music & Entertainment, Financial Services and Health & Wellness. They recently attempted to create commercial spacecraft with Virgin Galactic (2004).

6. Walt Disney

Almost all children in the world like Walt Disney.  Their brand proposition is Create magical world for families. That proposition energize and inspire the company to create great things. They created successful animated characters and brought them into mainstream business with licensing and theme park experience.

7. Southwest Airlines

Although he got his ideas about the low-cost airline model and corporate culture from Pacific Southwest Airlines (established in 1949), Kelleher has brought low-cost airlines into the mainstream since 1971 and inspired worldwide adoption of the business model.

8. EBay

Connected sellers and buyers with eBay (1995), facilitated transaction and governance with user ratings and inclusion of PayPal as a subsidiary (2002)  Ebay have motto: Create user-governed market space.

9. Google

Since 1998, Google has been reinventing the search engine redefined online advertising people enjoy search engine-based advertising platform. Make the world’s information organized and accessible


Since 2001, Wikipedia has been redefining the encyclopedia and popularizing the collaborative wiki approach developed by Ward Cunningham (1994)Create a publicly editable encyclopedia.

11. Facebook

Facebook Although he did not invent social networking (Friendster was introduced first by Jonathan Abrams in 2002 and MySpaceby Chris DeWolfe and Tom Anderson in 2003; Facebook was introduced later in 2004), Zuckerberg expanded the idea by introducing Facebook Platform (2007) and Connect (2008)and expanded social networking to a wider presence

12. Linkedin

What unusual offer that Linkedin provide? Reid Hoffman creates Linkedin to connect professionals around the world. LinkedIn introduced online professional networking and new ways of organizing professional contact information; someone says it will soon replace the traditional resume for job search. 

13. Twitter

What Benefit that Twitter offer?  Build by Jack Dorsey, Twitter provide the tools to track friends and other interests. Established in 2006, Twitter pioneered the idea of mini-blogs on the Internet and how people can broadcast their ideas to their network.

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