Difference between Sales and Marketing

Sales is about how to promote to market. Today, sales is small part of marketing. Marketing is provide value that customer need profitably.

Many people see marketing as selling. Then they also see selling as cheating. That is wrong. They have the impression because the visible aspect of marketing process is promotion. Another marketing process similar to another department, production. In marketing concept, marketing is soul, not component.

In the history, in the beginning, it is difficult to create products. So classic economy said that every products have its own demand. No problem about selling. Then when product increase and overload, they need persuasion. It is work. But not always. Sometimes it is difficult to persuade market for products that they didn’t need. So Peter Drucker said, that it is important to consider another aspect beyond persuasion. That is product, place, and price.

If sales work alone, without support by another division, it can spend very expensive.

Ok. It is component of marketing. Often it said, marketing mix in Jerome McCarthy

  • Product and service,
  • Price
  • Place
  • Promotion

That is component that important to make purchasing. The point is don’t rely on promotion or sales. Consider another component.

Another concept for marketing mix is

  • Customer Value, Customer need and want
  • Cost to the customer
  • Convenience for customer
  • Communication

That is similar concept to previous marketing mix. That is customer oriented concept.

What is sales?

Sales si personal promotion. It is part of promotion. Another promotion is advertising. That is mass media promotion.

Sales is different than marketing that I talk before. The Sales job is

  • Segmenting and targeting
  • Make a list of prospect
  • Meet potential customer
  • Deal any question and objection
  • Make sure the sale happen
  • Give feedback to marketing team

That is different between sales and marketing. Sales is part of promotion. Sales is personal promotion. Marketing see sustainable purchasing is system, that promotion is only part. Another part is products, price, and place.

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