Definition of Selling Management

Sales management is an effort to manage the sales force team. The Salesperson Team is a team for making personal sales.

The American Marketing Association (American Marketing Association) regulates sales management as “planning, direction, including recruitment, selection, supply, assignment, direction, bleeding, payment, and support for sales team members.
“Sales management” as “personal sales planning, direction and control, including recruiting, selecting, completing, assigning, directing, supervising, and motivating because these tasks apply to personal salespeople.”


Sales management initially emphasized the direction of the sales force. The manager recruits the sales force. Then the manager approves sales targets in the specified area, then reports the results to the office.

Birth of Sales

With that understanding, the seller’s job is to sell whatever the company wants to sell. Slowly, change like that change. In the 1950s, a compilation of many newly independent countries, a compilation of mass production not only belonging to Britain and America, increased competition. The idea of ​​marketing had indeed appeared at the beginning of the 20th century, but the promotion was proven to be great after 1950.

There is not enough. Not adequate because they force themselves to sell goods that require large costs with a small success rate.

Selling as Soul

New demands arising, that is, buyer obligations for the needs and desires of consumers. Offering new views, the most important thing is not selling what is made, but selling what consumers want. By discovering this new, selling is closely related to other aspects, such as production and all aspects of the company. Selling activities are not part of the body of the company, but the soul of the company. Production sells through the function and quality of its products according to needs. Finance sells with efficiency and supports it in equipping customers to get what they need.

Selling and Marketing

The term selling is not selling marketing or marketing. Marketing decisions can not only be determined by the sales division, approved by the leadership of the company or business. Marketing is a major activity that involves all business members and related parties. Activities that discuss market needs and wants, then try something to meet their needs in a way that is more effective and efficient than those carried out by competitors.

Support happy markets and give loyalty to be approved and make sustainable purchases. That requires strategy and agreement. The strategy is segmentation, targeting and positioning. The tactic is marketing mix. There are no standard strategies and challenges that apply to all companies, due to differences in company and market conditions. The principle is to find a market segment that you are able to serve better than competitors or other solutions.

Choosing marketing does not eliminate personal sales. Sales with one person communication with one person still exists. Fixed seller, company compilation requires. There are companies that need personal sales. It’s just that personal selling by marketing has a different way of working from before

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