Create a Mailing List of Your Segment Market

Create mailing list is important step before to build communication and relationship. How to create a list.

  • Check your phone contact. Collect your existing customer data.
  • Ask next buyer to give the data. Give them a present as reward.
  • Go to association that related to market segment. They also have a member contact.
  • You also can buy the list from broker. However, due they also sell it to another company, the list receive many promotional list, so they also refuse spam. The list has spam resistance.
  • Create website and plug mailing list. Give them reward for subscriber. Mailing list tool is
  • Expand your list by using look alike facebook. Make a list in the spreadsheet file that contains your customers. That is table that have column: name, email or name, hand phone number. Then upload the list on custom audience facebook. Then Facebook give you data about another audience that have similar character.
  • You can search your prospect on internet, if your market is business to business.
  • You can get customer on trade exhibition or expo.

Mailing list and email marketing is first selling strategy on internet. It is trigger overload email promotion. That is because email is cheap, than mass media. The overload of email promotion triggers resistance. Then email provider offer anti-spam feature.

Business have barrier. Then, Seth Godin offer breakthrough concept. Audience in the sea of information is not refuse all of information. They refuse irrelevant information. They receive information that relevant. If internet gives feature to filter information by their permission, they receive information. Business have opportunity to promote only someone who give permission.

The Seth Godin concept in 1999 inspire people to create social media. Social media have feature to filter information. Friend, like, follow, subscribe and also complicated algorithm give audience filter information based on their preference.


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