Competition Strategy for Niche Player

Companies with small resources usually avoid competition by entering into areas that are not attractive to large companies. Even so, large companies can also make various kinds of products and services for various niche markets or niches. This strategy follows a strategy focused on specific markets. That is what the market dredger is doing. Scrapers can also design specific niche market products. By focusing their resources and expertise on special markets, the services are getting better, because they know the niche well.

Examples of market niches are t-shirt fans that are printed to order. The term, print on demand. In America one of them is called In Indonesia the name is These shirts face competitors by going into niches, niches or territories that ordinary cashier shops cannot handle. Yes. Clothing stores that provide shirts are quite a lot, both in Indonesia and in America. Teespring offers printed shirts after an order. General people may design t-shirts and promote them. He will benefit from the difference between the selling price and the teespring base price.

With a print on demand platform, usually designers don’t design t-shirts that compete with general t-shirt designs. Common designs such as designs about Nike, city names, skulls, harley davidson, metallica and so on. Print on demand shirts usually enter more specific interests, such as fishing themes, birth month themes, cats, dogs, mathematics, and so on. Large t-shirt manufacturers will not be interested in entering into that particular interest, because it will be difficult to sell in shops.

The designer / seller of the t-shirt print on demand does not market his shirt in t-shirt shops in the city, but promotes his image by advertising on Facebook, Google, Instagram and so on. The internet allows the seller to find these special enthusiasts. The t-shirt business print on demand is now an extraordinary business. There are Indonesians who sell shirts for more than 2000 pieces for one design. And teespring gives a profit per shirt of 5 USD. Total income of 2000 x 5 USD for one shirt. Net income is calculated from revenue minus advertising costs on Facebook. Teespring and blazbluz themselves do not charge registration fees.

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