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  • Growing Your Business

    Business is a system that have purpose to grow. So all components, from products, activities, financials calculation, and team management and so on and so on support that purpose. Grow is mean sustainable increase profit. Sales of products create this profit. How to make the growing is possible? That is possible if, your products match […]

  • Business and technology Relation

    Businesses are not in a vacuum or alone, always related to the environment. The environment is rapidly changing and has an impact on the level of relevance of a business with markets and government, socio-cultural and economic regulations. Business adjustments are needed for the situation so that business presence is important for the market, which […]

  • Promotional Concepts Strategies in Marketing

    What is a promotional concept? Promotional concept is umbrella of ideas that promote your offer. It is ideas about how to win competition and get customer attention. Marketer thinks about their promotional goal by defining their customer segment, differentiation value proposition, products, and promotion. If promotion have target to get sustainable sales, it need to […]

  • Buzz Marketing

    In two-way communication in social media, buzz marketing is necessary. In this media, we cannot expect to get attention by buy time or space in media. In mass media, you can. So to get attention, you can help customer to promote your business story by create buzz marketing. There is several ideas about buzz marketing. […]