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  • Answer for Marketing Criticism

    Before marketing born, the few factors that affect to demand is price and distribution. Then, marketing contributes actionable factor that effects to market demand. That includes promotion and branding. This factor gives added value for the product and prevents price war. So there are several criticisms of marketing. Advertising is everywhere, and it’s often annoying, […]

  • List of Words About Benefit, Differentiation, Trust in Headline

    The benefit, Differentiation, and Trust are important things in copywriting and marketing. The headline is not just words. It is communication. (See Lauterborn version of 4C marketing mix) So, it has an important component: sender, message, channel, receiver, It send a message to the customer. So it is important to understand customer first. Then headline […]

  • When was Marketing Born

    Before Marketing Concept Before human history knows about marketing concept, business has two division, production and sales distribution. Production is all about making goods. While this distribution is the task of intermediaries, including taking risks, transporting goods, financing, making advertisements, selling, assembling, selecting, and shipping to buyers. If the sales department has problems with sales, […]

  • Competition Landscape

    When choosing a market segment, not only is the potential considered. Also consider threats. Sometimes it must be avoided, by looking for other segments. Even so, the easiest segment has threats. Michael E Porter formulated threat factors as well as generic competitive strategies, or outlines. Threats are dynamic, so the strategy is effective so that […]