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  • #9 Class Instance Python/

    Python allow to object oriented programming (OOP). That is make a code writing so fast. Because object oriented programming reuse another code that containt formula and data. As OOP, main emphasis of Python is on object. Another progamming paradigm, procedure oriented programming stress on function. Object is set of data (variable) and method (functions) that […]

  • Why this blog talk about Python?

    After reading Jamal Khashoggi case, I aware that economic and political ambition sometimes is blind to another consideration outside the ambition. The consideration includes a love of human and environment. Ambition makes human to be packman that cost on another human and environment. That is not just coinsidence, but logical consequencies if they think that […]

  • #8 Loop Statement in Python

    Loop statement in Python executes repeatedly the statement as long as a given condition is true. A unique feature of loop statement is repetition. Loop and conditional statement have the similar and different point. Different than a conditional statement, the loop statement will repeat if match the condition. Similar to the conditional statement, the loop […]

  • #7 Conditional Statement in Python

    Why Auto driver that python makes can make an adjustment to an unpredictable situation. For example, if a car faces another stopped car in front of it, the auto driver can also stop accordingly. That is amazing. Python can do that, because python have conditional statement or If statement. The conditional statement is useful for […]