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  • How Advertising beat our criticism?

    People feel invulnerable, although it is wrong. They think they have criticism to defend persuasion. Feel invulnerable make them comfort. They feel smart. But that is not original comfort. That is an illusion. Advertising upgrades its capability to persuade. It has a solution for advertising criticism. Anti Image message The anti-image message does not tell […]

  • Objection Handling in Advertising

    Usually, when reading advertisements people have frames in mind, that the ads must be prominent-unimportant of himself. Consider himself number one. In the old days, ketchup ads say that their products are number one. Typing the one-sided statement was the appearance of many ads, including ketchup ads, a viewer’s critical attitude to the ad. More […]

  • Attention Factor : Interest

    Interest is attention factor. If someone talks to you about what is the matter for you, of course, you are interested in that conversation.  We can exploit this character on social media than mass media. Facebook has a uniqueness in advertising rather than advertising in the mass media. Because Facebook allows for the selection of a limited target […]

  • liking principle persuasion
    Liking Principle Persuasion

    Liking principle persuasion is a very effective technique you should know to persuade, even in advertising, face to face communication and social media. If you didn’t know this technique, you exhaust your energy, time and money for using a job that not sell. Liking Principle Persuasion Definition Liking Principle Persuasion means that we tend to agree and […]