Promotional Concepts Strategies in Marketing

What is a promotional concept?

Promotional concept is umbrella of ideas that promote your offer. It is ideas about how to win competition and get customer attention. Marketer thinks about their promotional goal by defining their customer segment, differentiation value proposition, products, and promotion. If promotion have target to get sustainable sales, it need to be a system that fix every barrier to that goal. Promotion is only fix one component. If we only fix one component, another barrier is still exist, no sales, no business.

The barrier is:

  • products is not match with their problem
  • They have no mood for the products
  • Customer think that price is not worth
  • They have no proximity with products. They have no quick access to get products.
  • Customer don’t know about reputation of producer
  • They don’t know about

Several Ideas about promotional concept

  • Reach promotional goal by select market segment. For example Seth Godin offer strategy by choose geek customer or obsessed customer. This is choosing who are most easy to give attention, try the products. Geek also share and buzz easily the promotion.
  • Get promotional goal by create message. This is guide to create copywriting message.
  • Create desire by create environment in promotion or your products. Human perceive products not only by their sense, but also by their mood and brand. So, create conducive environment can support their acceptability.
  • Create special offer of special obsessed customer. That is value proposition. Consider the component of value proposition.
  • Give so gift as persuasion strategy.
  • Promotional concept is not only one time shoot. But, promotional concept is sustainable promotion to get impact.
  • Keep in mind that all way to do is to pass barrier to buy for customer. Another thing is not necessary. We can pass the barrier by align products (customer value) and customer demand, products price, proximity and communication to create mental picture that the products is solution.

Assess Value Market Opportunity

Business Growth depend on environment. The environment is situation that outside company, include market. So it is important to asses value of market opportunity. I already write about market opportunity here. Previous writing, I talk about using internet, like Facebook and Google feature. Here I talk about assess market opportunity using another way.

  • Find your industry association in your country. America has list of industry association.

    Find the website of industry association.

  • Find trend of market trade of the industry. Add all the turnover statistics to acquire an idea of the value of the total market.
  • Another alternative is . This website give statistic about trend of many things, population, consumption, trading et cetera.
  • Find and assess the largest businesses in the industry sector.
  • Consider Entry barrier and exit barrier. If entry barrier is high and exit barrier is high, there is fixed competition. If entry barrier low and exit barrier is high, the competition will increase. When entry barrier is high and exit barrier is low, competition will decrease. Another factor can affect competition, for example growth of customer, association and government that make rule about price.
  • Is customer need product need so much?
  • What is alternate way to solve the customer problem? If some invention can solve the problem, the product maybe will be end. The product life circle is shorter time than before.
  • You can try market opportunity by look sales performance of similar products.
  • Facebook ads can help to assess by try build advertising. Facebook give sign of market respond if we try to run Facebook ads in certain market segment. Usually it needs three days. I write guide to write facebook copywriting here.
  • Every good product survives because there is an offer obsessed a solution! Without a connection about the products and the problem, there is no opportunity.
  • Check their power to buy, by detect in what level they buy the goods. If they buy luxury products, they have power to buy.

Benefit of Twitter for Your Business

Not all people have time to write length article, but they have good idea to share in small character. Twitter connects people like that in their platform. Then twitter is popular. This is several fact about twitter.

  • Today, in September 2018, they have 246 million international users.
  • 500 million total numbers of tweets sent per day.
  • 80 percent of user is on mobile. There are over 69 million Twitter users in the US. The total number of Twitter users in the UK is 13 million.

That situation can help your business in several ways.

  • Twitter helps you to connect to your market segment.
  • You can found their interest by identify on their content and their tag (#). You can also know their interest by what people that they follow. Fish hobbies follow about fish. And so on.
  • In addition, the opportunity is you can contact directly to your market.
  • You can find what the popular issues in your country are.
  • It can drive traffic to your landing pages or your business offer.

What is something to talk about in twitter?

Twitter can consume our time. So we need to organize this tweet activity

  • Create events online and ‘tweetups’. A tweetup is an organized, in-person gathering of people on Twitter. The usual reason for a tweetup is to gather people with the same interests to share ideas.
  • We can use tweetdeck on TweetDeck offers let us view multiple timelines in one easy interface. It includes: Manage multiple Twitter accounts, schedule Tweets for posting in the future, build Tweet, monitor best twitter.



It is tweetdeck.

Blogging for Promoting Your Business

Communication between company and segment market is important component for business. Business continues based on transaction between market and company’s offer. They make transaction based on communication that blogging can do. There is benefit of blogging for promoting your business. So blogging is part of growing your business.

  • Blogging help your company to find customer. Customers find your blog by typing keyword on search engine. So the customer that find your customer have interest to your customer.
  • You can show your authority about how to solve segment market problem
  • Blogging can be tool to share benefit, so the market can trust for your company

Blogging is medium to build your persuasion.

How to create blogging?

  • You need content that provide word, picture, video, or sound. You have not to have all. One of them is enough. You can write about product to seduce customer. This is guide to write copywriting to seduce.
  • You need domain name. There are two options paid and free. Free usually subdomain that accompany with free hosting. Subdomain is for example Paid domain name is not subdomain.
  • You need blogging platform where you place your content. There are many kind of medium, free and paid.
  • Free hosting is hosting that provide by company that provide free hosting include their software. Example is,,,, .
  • Self-hosting is rent for hosting then you buy domain name.

Is it easy to create free blogging?

Yes, it is easy. One you need to do is fill the form.

For example you create blog using

  1. Open
  2. Login. If you didnt have google account, register.
  3. Fill form, title of blog, address of blog, theme that you prefer, then click orange button, create blog.
  4. Voila. You already create blog.
  5. To create new post, click button, orang button, new post.
  6. Fill title post title and writing to post form.



How to create Self Hosted Blogging

  • You has to have content.
  • You buy hosting from hosting provider. That is many hosting provider for example, hostgator, bluehost. You can check their hosting offer in their cart and click buy, fill the form. Then you get email about how to access your hosting.
  • There many kind of hosting. First is shared hosting. Second is virtual private server. Third is dedicated server. Dedicated server is one computer for your hosting. You can fill it with many domain. This is strongest hosting so if your blog have many thousands visitor, it is okay. Virtual Private Server is one virtual OS server only for you. One computer can have several virtual OS server.