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Transformation from Need to Demand

When Apple introduced the first tablet, people didn’t know what it was. They don’t automatically want it. Apple is working hard to introduce the benefits of tablets through advertisements and publications. After that, many people want it. It shows that in order…Read More »

The Birth of Marketing Ideas

In 1914, Butler formulated marketing as a management discipline. Butler (1914, p. 1, 1917, p. 3) was the sales manager of the Protec and Gamble Company. Butler defines; marketing is a plan behind a campaign or promotion series. Before that, experts did…Read More »

Viral as Millennium Marketing Concept

The problem with marketing permissions is, how to get the first attention and ask permission to establish further relationships. The trick is not to buy ads that interrupt. The best way to build a business is to help customers tell about your…Read More »

Segmentation Methods In Millennium Era

Segmentation methods are based on geographical location, demographic or demographic identity, psychographic / description of interests, and behavior-based segmentation. Geographical segmentation can be done by opening a map. Maps can trigger insight that climatic conditions can trigger uniform needs in geographical locations.…Read More »