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  • funny selling about optimism
    Funny Story About Selling

    This is a funny selling story. A company sends two people to assess the shoe market potential on an island. The two people went to the island for two days and then reported their observations to the company. One person reported, there was no chance to sell shoes because the island residents did not use […]

  • Theses About Marketing and Personal Selling

    Marketing and Business Business needs selling transaction that converts products to money. Without the transaction, no business. To sustain, the business expects sustainable selling transaction. Business endeavor to create sustainable selling transaction needs resource and subject to the limitation of the resource. So, it needs to optimize the ratio of result and cost. Business endeavor […]

  • 8 Options to Create Positioning

    Blankson and Kalafatis expressed eight factors used in making product positioning. This can help marketers in formulating product positioning. Best in the top of the range category/class Services Cost-effective Trusted or tested Attractiveness The origin of the country Brand name Made from selected materials, skills, processes The list compiled by Blankson helped inspire the positioning […]

  • Positioning is Important to Sell

    Marketers manage businesses to satisfy consumers by considering competition and costs. Marketers try to win the hearts of consumers. Besides that, you also think about how economical marketing work is. If marketing costs are expensive and costs are borne by consumers, consumers don’t necessarily want to. Product not bought. With such a task, the positioning […]