Category: Marketing Mix

  • Create Persuasive Headline Like David Ogilvy

    The persuasive headline is part of advertising. Advertising is part of promotion/ Promotion is one of four marketing mix. David Ogilvy is a famous father of Advertising. He is a king in the Madison Avenue, a center of advertising in the world in several decades. He is avant-garde of scientific advertising that measures this impact. […]

  • Why Lauterborn Change Marketing Mix?

    According to Philip Kotler, Marketing Mix still a king in the internet era. Now, it is challenged. The McCarthy marketing mix is so popular. Many marketing study or economic management teach the marketing mix to their students. In 1990, it is time that internet begin, Bob Lauterbon show the problem of marketing mix and give […]

  • Introducing Customer Behaviour Framework

    In marketing terms, consumer behavior is consumption behavior. It is not only to consume goods and services. Consumer behavior includes related aspects. These aspects include before, during and after consumption. These aspects include: Search for products Buy a product Using products Discard the product These aspects also include the decision-making process before and after the […]