Category: Marketing Mix

  • Marketing Mix Evolution

    Marketing mix is so popular concept in business community. They often talk about it. So if we don’t agree about this concept, we need to know about it. In spite of its deficiencies, marketing mix still to be starting point to talk about business. Marketing mix concept is breakthrough in business.  It gives us actionable […]

  • Theses About Marketing and Personal Selling

    Marketing and Business Business needs selling transaction that converts products to money. Without the transaction, no business. To sustain, the business expects sustainable selling transaction. Business endeavor to create sustainable selling transaction needs resource and subject to the limitation of the resource. So, it needs to optimize the ratio of result and cost. Business endeavor […]

  • Low Budget on How Marketing Model Help You to Increase your Sales

    If you can predict future market demand, you can to be millionaire. That is right if your prediction is right and you can serve competitively the demand. So, you can easily amplify your sales. That is why market prediction is important to build the business. In this article you get explanation what is marketing model […]

  • 4 Ways IT Can Increase Sales

    Marketing fills a need for target market profitably. Where is selling? Selling lay on getting profit and give something that market need. In the company perspective, it converts products to profit. To fulfill this purpose, the marketer needs to know which the most hungry segment in the market. He learns to understand the market like […]