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  • How Copywriting persuade? ( 6 examples)

    Copywriting is not the only factor to make the reader buy. It works with reader want. It relates what seller want with reader want. Copywriting makes adjustment their products to need, want and expect. A copy cannot create a desire for a product. It can only take the hopes, dreams, fears, and desires that already […]

  • #3 News Headline Model for Copywriting

    Maybe you say, “News Headline Model” is not creative. In other words, the idealist person avoids cliché. That attitude is also applied to copywriting. However, copywriting is not a poet or art that appreciate originality. It is writing to sell. Therefore, it is no problem if we use cliché that tested over time. There is […]

  • #2 Write Headline That Sell

    It is challenging time to write a headline that sell. Message in digital internet medium explode. So many messages are in our gadget. Usually, we ignore most of the information include ads. Ads create a message to sell products. We read the headline first. If the headline is interesting, we read more the ads. Therefore, […]

  • #1 What is Character of Digital Copywriting

    A Digital Copywriter is a salesperson using a keyboard.  Computer or smartphone keyboard. He creates words to sell. So, Copywriting is not art or humor to entertain. Copywriting can use art or humor to sell.  However, that is not necessary. That is not the purpose of copywriting. Some festival of advertising judge advertising and copywriting […]