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  • Technology and Business Disruption

    This third millennium era is synonymous with information and communication technology. According to world stats, internet users in 1995 amounted to 16 million, or 0.4 percent of the population at the time, the trend continued to increase so that in 2017, internet users had reached 4.1 billion or 54.4 percent of the world’s population. This […]

  • We are Deserve to Start Big Business Journey

    Before to start a business idea, sometimes we have an idea that supports and against. Maybe you think that is impossible. Consider that if you didn’t do anything, nothing is possible. See your mind before it turns into concentration. Pay attention to your concentration before it turns into a feeling. Observe your feelings before they […]

  • disruption business
    Disruption in Business and New Marketing

    Disruption business is real. It triggers a new perspective on business and marketing. Nokia CEO, Stephen Elop, cried.  “We did not make any mistake, but somehow, we lost”. It happened during a press conference announcing the acquisition of Nokia by Microsoft in 2013. As he said that, all the management team, including himself, cried sadly. In […]

  • Find Business Ideas That Fit to Your Passion

    Imagine you found passionate business ideas.  You start and running a business that follows your passion.  Even though you experience hard times and problem, you never quit. You have the big power to do a business journey. Wonderful. But how long? You ask for your self, what if your passion has no market? What are […]