Category: Business

  • What is Value Proposition

    What is the value proposition? What are its uses in our business? Value proposition is not the consumption of the viewer, but the consumption of the business owner. Value propositions are not slogans, not advertisements. Value proposition is what benefits can meet customer expectations from your product or service. How does your product help customers […]

  • Millennial Generation Characteristic

    • Creative. Because it is easy to communicate and get information from many people with rich levels of variation, millennial tend to be creative. Creative means, able to produce new ideas in business and work. Millennial are pretty much building their own businesses, rather than working in large institutions. Millennial create startup business like grab, […]

  • Google Plus Close after Know its Bug

    Google announce to close Google+ social media after found a bug in that platform. From 2018 until March 2018, Google already has known the bug, but they keep silent. They keep silent because they afraid regulator will monitor tightly. They will announce after management decides to close the social media platform. In the official blog, […]

  • Disruption in Marketing Concept

    1. The nature of promotion in marketing changes from interruption to permission, the approval of viewers without an editorial intermediary such as the mass media. Promotions in the era of mass media are interruptive or interrupting. Advertising can be done by interrupting viewers while watching an event. For example on a television program, Dangdut Academy, […]