Building Brand in Youtube

YouTube give good presence because it shows motion picture and sound. So you can show your products and how your service in YouTube. There is what you need to do to build brand in YouTube.

  • Define your positioning. Your brand is build based on your positioning.
  • Enlist character that you want your segment to know
  • Create story that include character of your team, products and company
  • You can show process how you serve your customer. Show it in YouTube.
  • You can show positive reaction of another customer. That is testimony.
  • You can show how your products are made. What your strict criteria to produce.
  • Introduce your staff. How they relevant to produce good product and service.
  • Test your product and show it in YouTube. What character that you want to show? Strength, give it villain that test its strength.
  • Show your products in beautiful landscape. You can ask customer to give picture. Or if you go to abroad or far city, you can take a picture with the products inside.

What tools that you need?

  • You can use your android or iPhone with camera to shoot.
  • The you can upload at YouTube application.
  • Or, if you want to get better film, use camera. Shoot it. Then upload it to youtube using browser.
  • If your file that you get from camera is very big, your can resize it. You can use format factory software. Search format factory software in search engine. That is free software and good functionality to resize film or picture.
  • Another alternative is video maker. You can use video maker like sparkol video scribe. That is not free. Or you can use several video creator like,
  • Be careful about using picture, film, and sound music from internet. Most of them have copyright that we cannot use it without permission.


It is picture about button to upload video on YouTube.

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