Background of Marketing Ideas

The marketing concept is thought out and designed to help businesses make efficiency and effectiveness in sustainable sales. Sometimes old concepts are not enough to deal with dynamic new business challenges, so marketing thinkers offer new breakthroughs to overcome deadlock. The breakthrough is not necessarily entirely new, it is often the development and redefinition, and the addition of new elements. So that the functions of the old concepts are still relevant. That is why, this chapter wants to discuss the concept of the millennium era while keeping in mind the old concepts that preceded it.

Marketing is a growing science and method. This science is growing rapidly in America, so it’s worth considering the development of marketing in America.

Manufacturers’ efforts to satisfy consumer needs are not new symptoms. Manufacturers of handicraft items open intensive personal communication with customers. Artisans get input to produce products that satisfy customers. Artisans know that in addition to production, paying attention to customers is important. The promotion was done by making a signboard on the production house and word of mouth.

Things changed after the industrial revolution of 1760-1830 in England (Geoff Lancaster, Paul Reynolds –Marketing Made Simple). In the industrial revolution, production is held in bulk. The results of mass products are not only sold to the local area, but sold out of town even to the national territory. Manufacturers no longer know consumers personally. Promotion is carried out through mass media.

The task of promotion is to compile announcements in magazines and newspapers. Tight competition makes advertisers compete in making compelling headlines, followed by big promises. Such a method will eventually make the market segment do not believe in the big promise of advertising in the mass media, advertisers make innovations by offering benefits, not features. Increasingly intense competition has led to the use of sexual attraction in advertising and product packaging improvements.

Advertising competition in the mass media is getting tighter, Competition is not only in the face of accuracy offering benefits that best suit consumers, but by doing, not just one, but a series of advertisements that are published continuously in the mass media. Ads are not designed for one time, but repeatedly in a series of campaigns.

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