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Marketing Mix Jerome McCarthy

Jerome McCarthy simplified the marketing mix with the 4P concept. Namely Product, Price, Place and Promotion. McCarthy’s formulation is easy to remember and this concept was later popularized by Philip Kotler, author of the book “marketing management” which has become a reference…Read More »

Marketing Mix Neil Borden

The marketing mix component experiences development over time. In 1964, Neil H Borden wrote about The Concept of the Marketing Mix “in the Journal of Advertising Research, June 1964. About elements of the marketing mix for companies. There are 12 elements of…Read More »

Maslow Theory of Needs

What are human needs? Why are the priorities of human needs different from each other? Abraham Maslow answered it with the Hierarchy of Human Needs Theory. There are five layers of human needs that are multilevel. It is often described in the…Read More »

Need, Desires and Demand in Marketing

In order to be able to sell, it is necessary to connect the product to the needs. Products are the solution to their needs. Following Kotler’s opinion, Marketing is recognizing and fulfilling human needs profitably. The introduction of human needs is an…Read More »