Social Media Content Ideas to Promote Softly

Social media content ideas help you to promote your product and service in the social media channel. Promote in social media channel need ideas, because just promote your product and service is not get their attention and engagement. You need some trick to promote and also get their engagement.

Engagement  to social events

On facebook there are some social campaigns eg Pedestrian Group, Ngonthel Group, Parenting Group, diet group. They care about the health of themselves and children. On them, it should also contribute to thinking about family health, in various ways. Seasoning peanut sauce and vegetables are one way only.

 Build a relaxed friendship relationship

Soft selling emphasizes the importance of maintaining relationships first, so there is an opportunity to recognize their needs. Only after their needs match the products we have, then we bid.

Make easy question

Easy questions lure audience engagement to answer. Questions that everyone can answer. Someone thought it was a silly question. The problem is, if the question is difficult, even less provoke people to answer. Their answer is important to signal to Facebook that meaningful conversation takes place and Facebook needs to push that status into more newsfeed and more comments will be made.
What are the benefits of these questions? The benefit is that if they comment on the status-easy status, your status will be prioritized to appear on their newsfeed.

This strategy is outsmarted the Facebook algorithm. This year right, Facebook will be more prioritize meaningful conversation. The priority is translated into programming languages, such as the status that provokes comments with the number of words that many will be prioritized in the newsfeed.
Maybe in the future, this is no longer effective. Currently, facebook detects short comments. We can still create a status that provokes long comments for instance.

What are the 3 most useful things on facebook?
What is your first job?
What is your breakfast menu?
What time do you go to the office?
Why are you shopping online?
What color of clothes do you like?
What’s the scariest horror movie?
What do you think about our products?

And many more easy questions. This easy question is suitable for submitting on personal status, fanpage, group.
The question can be delivered in quiz form. The quiz provoked high involvement. 8 of the 10 most distributed articles are quizzes. With quizzes, people will be stirred to declare who he is and perform in public. With quizzes, people can convey their tastes, attitudes, and achievements. The quiz has a viral tendency because the quiz contest will like to share it with the intention of expressing his attitude, and his attitude has a supporter so there is no fear of ridiculing his friend

Training Soft Selling is non Interuptive Advertising

Training soft selling is selling strategy to sell behind teaching. It is not like advertising or hard selling.

Teaching will build a reputation that we are people who understand. That perception is one of the factors of persuasion, that is an authority. People tend to bow to people who know. Suppose selling about peanut sauce spice, certainly does not have to teach about peanut sauce seasoning, but can be veiled on themes such as diet, healthy food processing, nutrition, the role of fiber for health, the dangers of not breakfast, diseases that can occur due to lack of fiber.

Soft Selling inside Teaching

They can be taught to build relationships with market segments, building a reputation for our skills. The expertise is also related to their perception of the quality of peanut sauce seasoning. With these teachings, it is easy to awaken the perception that peanut sauce spices are made with health rules.

Associated with Facebook, teaching can be done in facebook forums or on web-web teaching. Or it could also be delivered through the articles that are uploaded on Facebook.

Better teaching is delivered in the form of a video because the demand is bigger and has a clearer chance to convey something.
At the end of the article can be inserted corporate identity so that the perception of the relationship between skill and product appears.
This teaching is suitable to be placed in personal status, fanpage status, group status, Whatsapp group (facebook and Whatsapp connected) and also Facebook ads.

If you find the reading interesting and relevant to the viewer’s situation, can share it on the fanpage. Relevantly, helping viewers accomplish their tasks, especially tasks that are important and difficult for them to accomplish. Besides those things that please them.
Excerpts from this book should also not only be written in status in the form of text, manifest also in the form of images. The trick is like making a wise quote above. That quotation is similar to Training Soft Selling.

Case Study Soft Selling That Sell

In this information technology era, advertising infiltrates so many type of communication message, include case studies. It called case studies soft selling. In mass media, advertising can interrupt with hard selling because the media is one to many communication. Meanwhile, in internet, interactive media, one to many communication, people didn’t like and have an option to refuse advertising interruption. So, to get exposure, advertisement hide behind news, story, entertainment, and learning a something new.

Advertisement hide behind the case studies

Case studies are also a contain covert advertisements.

Case studies case studies are neutral tone information. It is containing lessons, scientific and impartially impressed. For example, a case study of empowerment of small business in a village. The case study told about how economic community improved. Now they can send their children to college. We can achieve through the production of peanut spices or your products and market it to Indonesia.

A small business observer will be interested in the case study. If, for example, it is felt that the case study applicants on small business economics are small, the theme of the case study is changed, for example, the case study on diet. Diet has many people that interest in. That is far more than enthusiasts of a mall business topic.

Just make the story, “Case study of a lean body without hunger in 3 months” In the story described how peanut pasta sauces very role in the effort slimming program. Slim body enthusiasts will be interested in the story, and also peanut pasta sauce or your product.

The story is more interesting than advertising because it deals with the problems they face and the solution has authority because it is based on experience.

How to infiltrate advertising message in case studies. It does not have to expose your product in theme. The theme of case studies also shows learning point that relevant to them. For example, learn from economic empowerment.

That is case studies soft selling.

Efficiency Concept Marketing

Marketing is an effort to give benefits profitably.

Marketer gives benefit to the customer. Then customer gives money or profit to the marketer.

To make that transaction happened, it is not easy. Producer produce product and expense some cost always have resulted. But marketer, they promote and create marketing activities, they do not always get a result. Cost of marketing can be unpredictable.

But marketing is a necessary function of a business. Imagine you create the product that cannot sell. No profit. Then producer didn’t get money or profit.

Marketing Ideas that Reduce Many Costs

Important but unpredictable cost. That is marketing. Fortunately, thinker of marketing has the idea to create efficiency in marketing activities.

1. Efficiency through target market decision. Serving everyone It will spend exhausted energy. It is better to determine the target market and focus to serve that target market. Serving the target market is more cost-efficient than serving everyone. Serving everyone is very expensive and inefficient because it means preparing products, distribution channels, promotions, and prices for several buying power.

2. Efficiency through Brand and customer satisfaction. Persuade new and uninitiated consumers to your product is much more costly than inviting consumers who are familiar with and satisfied with your products and services. Efficient because it will encourage repeat purchase. Enterprises make a target market considering your business, your product.

3. Efficiency through checks and improvements with information technology support. With checks and risk improvements occur, the inaccuracy between product/promotion with the needs/want/expectation of customers can be minimized.

Information technology not only plays a role in communication between companies and customers but with digital track record also provides data on market behavior. This digital track record signals their response to advertisements and products as well as signals about what the market likes and dislikes. Such information is indispensable for achieving the marketing objectives efficiently.

That way the cost of error can be reduced.