How Advertising Persuades Us, Do you Like It?

How Advertising Persuades Us? How does advertising seduce? Ads seduce people influence others, attract attention, arouse their desires, tell them how to satisfy their needs, show benefits when following your advice, and risk not following your advice. American advertising makes the acronym of how ads woo the target market, known as A.I.D.A (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action)

Attract Attention

The ads attract attention by composing interesting headlines and images. Titles and images should absorb the attention of the viewers. Product description can be included in the title and image, but often not contained in the title and image.

If it does not pull on headlines and images, other ad components will not be read, so the ad will not succeed in reaching the targets obtained from the ad.

How are the titles and images interesting?

Generating Interest

In addition to attracting attention, the ads convey the reason why audiences need to keep up with all the messages contained in the ads. Ads deliver benefits to them, so they’ll keep seeing and reading ads.

Encouraging Desire

After generating interest, ads offer offers and show benefits and that the offer is right for them. Ads are trying to convey a lucrative offer that fits their circumstances and can not be denied. Ads show the pleasure of having a product, or by highlighting the benefits of the product and the risk of not having a product. Ads state that the product is the solution to the problem that the target market has.

Encouraging Action

Furthermore, after confirming the importance of the offer for them, advertising provides information on what action should be done. The action can click the purchase basket, click WhatsApp link, click the message, call the phone number, visit a place, download the free book, fill out the form, click the website. This action is the expected response from ad creation. Why not just click basket or purchase. The market that is already hungry to buy the product is not always there. Sometimes they are half-thirsty. Those herded identified raised his thirst first, to then be offered an irrefutable offer.

This chapter tells about the foundations of advertising, including ads on Facebook. What to do with the title of this book is how easy steps to make Facebook ads that sell?. Should not we be able to copy other people’s good ads and modify them?

To be able to mimic other people’s ads and modify them should be able to assess whether the ads are good and in accordance with the purpose of your ad. This chapter explains what a great ad is, so we can judge another ad and learn from it. Good is not judged by its beauty but from its function, that is the ablest to seduce, or step by step approaching sales transaction. A step-by-step advertisement removes the target market objections to our offer.

In addition, we also need to understand the unique facebook character that is important for the purpose of advertising. On Facebook, feedback can be obtained immediately, so ads can use this ability to refine and customize the existing ads to achieve the goal, which encourages them to accept our offer.

On Facebook, we can make a lot of ads for one fare. We can pay Rp. 10,000 contains 10 ads for one group of audiences, then in one day check, which ad offers they can not resist.

Social Media Characteristics that Every Advertiser Must Know

Social media characteristics have very different than mass media characteristic. Don’t just plug your print media ads into Facebook ads. That is using Facebook ads and without using facebook ads feature. So consider character and feature of facebook ads character.

Character Facebook # 1: We Can Quickly Identify Audience Reaction

The viewer’s reaction to Ads on Facebook is instantaneous. While the reaction of mass media viewers more difficult to identify. This is because Facebook includes two-way media. You serve ads, viewers can respond to a thumbs up status or an ad, thumbs up or follow a page, commenting, sharing, clicking a link, clicking the purchase basket and sending a private line message.

What’s the point of knowing this for advertisers on facebook? By knowing this, we know earlier, one day is enough, how many viewers like our ads. How many people who are interested and purchased, how many are interested but they have the objection about price, range, and other. We’d better prepare a lot of ads, then check in a day, where the ads get a positive reaction. Advertising that provokes their interest to follow your offer, are maintained. Ads that do not interest them, can be stopped. Advertising that works well, which triggers the target audience to contact you and buy, can be forwarded.

Facebook Character # 2: Advertisers can collect audience data as well

This is a Facebook feature that gives us accumulative rewards from the work of advertising. We not only get results from sales but also get data about a group of interested people, which in the future we can lead to sales.

If you install a commercial status on a free facility, we can know the account that gives the thumbs up, comments and conveys the message through private channels, or can also contact WhatsApp us.

If you put ads on paid Facebook ads, in addition, you get you can search, find and collect people who love your product.

Character Facebook # 3: there are free and paid to advertise

When the definition appears, any mass media that reaches a large audience must pay to use it. Because the operational costs of the media are very large, then advertiser must pay to the owner of the media.

But in social media, anyone with an account can post commercial messages on personal status, facebook page (fan page) and Facebook group. It’s free with limitations. Facebook limited free account to reach to friends only who  interact, followers, Facebook page, and members of the facebook group. Facebook account cannot reach people who have no friend connection with them by free status unless your message is very interesting so there are friends who share your status.

Writing ads on personal status, groups, and pages (fan page) for free it has a weakness in terms of reach. The free ads only reach friends, group members and followers of the page (follower fan page). Paid advertising can fix this weakness.  Paying Facebook ads, or better known as Facebook ads can reach people outside the group members, friends, and followers of the page.

Impact Social Media On Advertising, what it mean for marketer?

Impact Social Media On Advertising is an interesting topic for the marketer. It is important to know the characteristics of social media facebook, in order to optimize the ability of Facebook for advertising purposes. Facebook advertising is not like moving mass media advertising into the Facebook channel because it means not exploiting the power of Facebook. Advertising in the mass media is to compose advertisements, after previous market research, then submit the ad copy to the mass media. After the case. Of course not forbidden to do such a thing on facebook. However, it is wasteful and ineffective. We can use the power of Facebook to achieve the purpose of advertising with time, energy and cost savings.

Audience Data

Social media Facebook has a data audience that keeps current and actual (update real time). Facebook records what you write on forms like name, gender, date of birth, residence. Not only that, Facebook also record the behavior that you do not write in the form.

Facebook records: what you click on, how long you read a status, image, video, what links are clicks, mobile phone you use, internet signal you use, where the position where you are when holding the phone and others.

Mass media have no audience data like Facebook. The mass media also have audience profile data, but it’s not as recent and instant as facebook. The mass media understands the profile of the audience not directly, but through a sample survey of the population, not all people are surveyed. Things that are known are also not as detailed as Facebook.

The profile of an audience on Facebook includes:

  • location,
  • HomePosition,
  • Language,
  • Family Member,
  • Profession,
  • Education,
  • Politics (American Only),
  • Income,
  • Celebration,
  • Relationship,
  • Generation,
  • The momentum of Life,
  • Gender,
  • Friends of whom,
  • Age,
  • Fanpage followed,
  • Apps that they use,
  • Hobbies,
  • Entertainment,
  • Industry,
  • Interest in Technology,
  • Sports,
  • Online Shopping,
  • Food and Drink,
  • Web that they visited,
  • Level of engagement oFacebookok activities,
  • Owned cars, Financial activities,
  • Buying behavior,
  • Mobility,
  • Activities Business,
  • Expatriate, and
  • buying behavior.

We can see in more detail all in the audience insight – or audience insights.

By having the most up-to-date, instantaneous audience of data, ads on Facebook can leverage that data to achieve its goal of seducing people to buy what you sell. With that data, you can consider in the preparation of their product and service that you offer.

That is Impact Social Media On Advertising.

Role Advertising In Business like a striker in Football

Role Advertising In Business like a striker in Football. Advertising is important, but not the only one. Where is the position of advertising in the canvas business model? It is on the channel. The position of the ad in a business model is part of the promotion, while the promotion is part of the channel.

His job is to communicate with brands, show credibility, introduce products and seduce people to buy products. This ad assignment should not be done in a single ad. Sometimes there are ads that only show that their brand has credibility, trust and is committed to being honest and offering good ones.

For example, the ad invites the target market to pray for us to succeed in achieving our goals. Then there is a small brand name below, the name of the product or company name, or the name of the web. Sometimes there are at once introduced the brand and seducing the target market to buy the product.

False Thinking

Often, businessman thinks that when he produces then he promotes in the advertising, includes facebook. If he fails to sell, he thinks that facebook wrong. That is the wrong conclusion, or not always that is the correct conclusion. Not enough evidence to conclude like that. Products can not fit customer profile, so whatever quality and persuading our ads, it can not sell.

If products are fit to customer hope, need and avoid fear, if ads also seduce, but no selling. What is wrong? Maybe we wrong perception of the customer profile. So we need research and update the customer profile. Our perception is not reality, that is a map that we create that may be wrong?

We can research our customer profile with audience insight on Facebook. In audience insight, we can filter people by geographic, demographic, psychographic, and activity. Then we can see what fanpage that they like. Fanpage that they like signs to discover their need, hope, fear, and expectation.