#2 First Important Lesson for Python Beginners

Sometimes some of the people have to learn Python programming language in a limited time. Usually, it has to learn because the job challenges them to create python programming. So this article talk about how to start learn and practice python. What issue that we need to know first?
The topic is important because we need to make a good job about python at a limited time.

I argue that important point for beginners to know about python is about program installation, workflow, and the glossary.

Install python program and the related program is important to know. So we can run the program and do the jobs. Workflow of programming is also important, so we can finish and give benefit, even if we create a simple program. Python Glossary is also important to know, so we can write and read python language that computer can obey.

Python and IDE Program Installation

First point. To start to learn Python, we need to know how to install python and related program. Different from another program that it is better to select the newest version of the program, python is not like that. That is because python 2x (Python version that begins with 2) sometimes not compatible with python 3x.

If we have a script that is written in Python 2, we cannot run it by python 3. However, if we want to create scripts from scratch, from blank, it is better to choose python 3, because python foundation will develop python 3. Their support for Python 2 will stop at 2020. Related program to write python code is Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for python. IDE is text editor to write python that has featured that support us to write correctly.

I will show you how to install python and IDE python text editor.

Open a browser and go to https://www.python.org/downloads/. Then choose the latest version of python 2x or 3x that suit for your operating system. If your operating system is Microsoft Windows, choose python for windows. https://www.python.org/downloads/windows/ . If your OS is Mac, choose Mac OS, https://www.python.org/downloads/mac-osx/. If your OS is linux, choose https://www.python.org/downloads/source/. Then click Setup.

Python have features: program that run the code and IDE text Editor. If you want to try another alternative of text editor for python programming, it is a list of that.

  • pycharm
  • sublime text 3
  • notepad++

Workflow of Programming

To begin start python programming, we need to know about the workflow of programming. Workflow programming is simple, but if we do not know, we confuse.

Workflow of programming is two steps. First is writing code in text editor IDE. Second, run program in python. Python also have command prompt, it is place to try or learn program. Python command prompt did not save your code, so don’t write your code here. To access IDE, open your chosen IDE program. If you want to run program, usually IDE have feature to run program.

To practice about programming, we can start to create simple program.

Open text editor IDE, like Python IDLE (Python GUI), Sublime Text, Pycharm, Notepad++ .

That is picture of Python IDLE in windows environment. Click IDLE then write as below.

print (‘Hello world’)

Then save code file, with .py extension. Then run the code. To run the code, click run menu on the top, then run module or F5 in windows. then you will see program in run mode.

That is work flow of python programming.

  • Open text editor or IDE (Integrated Development Environment)
  • Write the code
  • save file to be py extension
  • Run code

Python Glossary

If we know about Python Glossary and punctuation, we can read and write more easily. Of course, some code is long and complex, so we sometimes do not understand. But by know Python glossary, we have step forward to read complex code.

Compare to human language as English, Greek language and so on, Python have different language. Human language has words, sentence, and composition. Python has words, sentence and composition, but it is different. Guido von Rossum create Python language, so it can be read by computer and human. Python is language so human can instruct and program a computer.

Program is instruction or set of instruction that computer can understand and run.

Component of instructions are

  • variable
  • operator (conditional, logic, arithmetic),
  • data type,
  • lists,
  • loops.
  • Class

#1 Introduction to Python Programming Language

My article is about Python. Python is programming language. It is one of programming language, beside another programming language, like java, C++ and so on.

Why this topic is important? Because programming language help us to instruct computer. It help us to do our job. Computer can do big and repetitive job in quick times, if we can instruct computer.

Python have several advantage that important to improve our business and our job. What are the benefits of python?

First, I describe that python is easy and powerful. Python can do more than we can think or imagine. It is like magic. Second, python have developer community that share their code and learn each other’s. Finally, Python is free open source.

After reading this article, you’ll able to know possibility of python programming language, so you can imagine customized program that suitable for your jobs.

Powerful and Easy

First, Python is powerful and easy. To understand this point, lets we explore its feature. It is important to know that python can connect to internet. So it can find, get, read information from internet then manage it to be useful program.

It is also connect to GPS, world map, sensor and actuator of internet of things. That is why Google using python for search engine and automatic driver car. Python is also very good for science and statistics. Therefore, if we want to create machine learning and artificial intelligent, python is good option.

Although have powerful functionality, python programming language is easy because python language have less typing than another language. Guido von Rossum create python because he want create programming language that easy to write and read.

The python functionality is growing because its module is growing. This internet connection feature and growing module make python powerful, especially in internet of things, big data, data science, artificial intelligence, deep learning and automation. Therefore, powerful feature of python offer possibility to help your business and job. Usually, today, business needs big data, artificial intelligence to identify opportunity and threat. That is very important for business.

Big Community

Second point is Python have big community and still growing. Community is important because it can help us to learn and develop functionality of python. We can check python community by check Google query of python, learning forum, blog, tutorial, and chat in internet.

There is many blogs, tutorial, and forum that talk about python. Python have official website that provide reference, python.org. We can also can learn python on udacity, facebook, youtube, reddit, twitter. Founding father of python, Guido von Rossum has twitter account. https://twitter.com/gvanrossum . We can also learn python from dataquest.io, codecademy.

Big python community is important factor to learn and create program that help growing our business and jobs in quick manner.


Furthermore, Python program is free of charge. We can check official statement about its license. Based on official python website, python is free for use and distribute. Python is developed under an OSI-approved open source license, making it freely usable and distributable, even for commercial use. Python’s license is administered by the Python Software Foundation.

That is evidence that we can use python for private use and commercial distribution for free. Google and Facebook use this program language for commercial use. Google and Facebook do not pay for python program language. Of course, if Google hire python worker to code in their company, they pay their employee. But, they do not pay for the program language.

That is no hidden fee if we use and create application for commercial business. Of course, this license can help business because it is reduce cost. Easy to write and read the code also can reduce cost, because it reduces time to work.

As a result, powerful functionality, big community support and free of charge can help business to make automation for internal use or commercial use. Ok, follow the python journey in this blog.

Competition Landscape

When choosing a market segment, not only is the potential considered. Also, consider threats. Sometimes it must be avoided, by looking for other segments. Even so, the easiest segment has threats. Michael E Porter formulated threat factors as well as generic competitive strategies, or outlines. Threats are dynamic, so the strategy is effective so that it needs to develop. The following threats in a business field.

The threat of hard competition.

Hard competition is not always caused by market attractiveness, for example large demand and purchasing power. It could also be because companies that enter the market are unable to get out of the business. They made large investments. Do not have the skills to strive in other fields. Such conditions encourage price wars and advertising wars. Profits shrink and costs increase.

The threat of newcomers

The most interesting market segment is that if newcomers find it difficult to enter and the old players are easy to get out. The terms are high entry barrier and low exit barrier. Therefore, the new players will have difficulty to enter a business sector.

That situation can change. The existence of the internet can change this, for example the circulation of rotiboy recipes, allowing new players in the same bread field. Thus, Rotiboy can no longer enjoy monopoly as before.

If entry barrier and exit barrier are high, profits may be high, if between players form a price agreement. But in such situations, players can compete hard, because they have no other choice.

If the entry barrier is low and the exit barrier is high, competition will tend to be tight. More and more players, there are no exits. Production exceeding market capacity can occur and prices fall.

Threats from substitute or substitute products

In this era of digital technology, more and more innovations, substitute products often appear. Symbian phones replace telecommunication shops. Symbian mobile replaced Android or Apple smartphone. It can also happen that these substitute products are cheaper and easier, so that they reduce prices and profits.

Threats from the bargaining power of buyers

A market segment is less attractive if the buyer has large and increasing bargaining power. Suppose that the bargaining power of national minimarket at suppliers will tend to be large along with the amount of turnover. The national minimarket erodes competitors, so that suppliers increasingly lose alternative buyers, then with a large turnover can reduce prices. The bargaining power of buyers increases if the product does not have a differentiator or an easy buyer switches to another supplier with risk and low cost. The best defense is to arrange good and inimitable products, so buyers do not move.

Threats from the size of the supplier’s bargaining power

Market segments are less attractive if suppliers can easily increase prices or reduce the amount of goods sold. The strength of suppliers is strong if goods are scarce and there are no substitutes or substitute materials, and it is difficult to change suppliers. The best defense is to build mutually beneficial relationships or use a variety of sources.

These factors influence the competitive climate. Each market segment has a different level of competition based on its industrial structure. With that insight, it is better to choose an industry with a low level of competition and not increasing. Even so, in general every business sector is always in competition.

Competition Strategy for Challenger

Market challengers are companies number two, three and so on in acquiring market share that attacks the market. These challengers are aggressively expanding the percentage of their market share and undermining market leaders. The way to offer products with the same function, the same category in the same market as the market leader. This strategy promises a large share, but also risks and large costs. Market leaders generally react when they get an open attack. He can make special products to destroy competitors, or predator products. The fight is not only product, but price, distribution channel, promotion.

With the science of war parables, market challengers attack with one or a variety of strategies.

• Attack the strong side of the market leader. Attacking the strong side of the market leader requires a lot of energy too.

• Attacking the weak side. Challengers attack the weak side of the market leader. Weakness can be from various sides, product quality, service, price, distribution range, and promotion.

• Guerrilla. The guerrillas carry out small, disjointed and invisible attacks.

Followers Strategy

The followers referred to here are companies that imitate and modify market leaders. This company is still below the market leader. Followers avoid turmoil. Because it is risky to cause resistance reactions from market leaders who usually have strong resources. Followers have advantages, namely not spending a lot of money, energy and time to research products and introduce products to the market. He just imitates and modifies proven products and markets that have recognized the benefits. Followers can then become challengers.

Examples of followers are LA Light, Star Mild, Class Mild, GG Mild, Black Mild, U Mild who follow A Mild. A Mild controls 50-60 percent of mild cigarettes. Followers do not need to educate the market about the mild cigarette category, because A Mild has done that.