Answer for Marketing Criticism

Before marketing born, the few factors that affect to demand is price and distribution. Then, marketing contributes actionable factor that effects to market demand. That includes promotion and branding. This factor gives added value for the product and prevents price war.

So there are several criticisms of marketing.

  1. Advertising is everywhere, and it’s often annoying, misleading, or wasteful. Yes, that is possible. But marketing also has a job to research customer need and fill it. Marketing definition is finding a need and fill it profitably. That is Philip Kotler definition of marketing.
  2. The quality of products is poor and often they are not even safe. That is also possible. But, that is bad marketing. Marketing cost to get a new customer is higher than keep an existing customer. So a good strategy is to provide good and save products.
  3. There are too many unnecessary products. Too many unnecessary products is not a product of marketing. The marketing task is to understand market and provide necessary products.
  4. Packaging and labeling are often confusing and deceptive. Yes, in the last time, the business practice has a strategy to create beautiful packaging and labeling. It is possible in business practice that the packaging gives a great impression for bad products. But, marketing perspective said that is bad marketing. Bad marketing because that does not give customer satisfaction. That is good first impression. But, first customer will not buy again. Marketing cost for that strategy is high.
  5. Marketing is a middleman that didn’t give added value and consume wasteful cost. That is old topic. In the beginning, work of marketing face this issue. The marketing answer is middleman is important as a distributor, risk taker, funding, and customer service. And marketing is more than a middleman. Marketing makes adjustments between production and the market. That reduces unnecessary production.
  6. Marketing serves the rich and exploits the poor. That is possible, but it is not the only possibilities. We can use a marketing concept to serves the poor.
  7. Marketing creates demand for the product that destroys environment. That is possible. But, today people aware of green lifestyle., not just lifestyle. So, it is important to consider that issue.

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