Value Proposition Component that Must to Consider

Value Proposition Component is the factor or partner that have a big impact to value proposition.  They are also communicate value to the customer.

Usually, people think that marketer is promotion guy. A person who produces is not a marketer. That is wrong.

The marketer is every one that sends the message to a target market by their work, symbol, service, and product. A key partner is an outsider of a company that plays an important role in the company. They are, for example, suppliers of materials and financial services.

Key activities and key resources also speak signal to the target market. Key activities of the company’s internal activities to provide an offer to the company. The key resources are time, money and energy to perform key activities. They also ‘talk’ or give the signal to the target market.

Financial managers who manage cash flow, costs and revenues also ‘talk’ to the target market. Financial managers may not necessarily meet with customers and target markets.

Everyone sends the value to the customer

How can they ‘talk’ to the target market, meanwhile they never meet? They talk to the target market through material quality and cost and time efficiency. Their support also determines the offer that we propose to the target market. Customers enjoy the speed of service, quality of goods, a convenience that key partners and key resources have sought. Even financial managers also talk to the target market in the smoothness of products and services enjoyed by customers.

Customer relationships also ‘talk’ to the target market. Customer relationships include customer assistance, facilities or tools that serve customers, building a community for customers as well as giving customers the opportunity to participate in creating and serving each other among themselves.

Channels ‘talk’ to the target market directly through word and image or video and through affordability. Channels are an effort to make the value offer affordable to the target market. The channel is not just the distribution of goods alone, but also promotion. The task of the channel is to deliver value proposals to the target market or market segment. Submission of the offer is done by wooing (promoting) and distributing the product to the target market, so the target market is easy to reach the value offer.

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