lowerwisdom.com help small business to enjoy their business journey. This is site is your Partner to enjoy your journey to start and run your business.

To make it happen, I have a plan.

  • I will show you market research so you get inspiration to decide, what profitable products that you want to sell.
  • I will show you how to fit between your products and service and customer requirement.
  • I will show you how to market  your products
  • I will show you how to outsource
    • including outsourcing products without  capital
  • I will show you inspiration from great people.

I hope, you enjoy your journey from start and running your business.

This blog helps you to improve or adjust your business model or career model by an update about new change and rethink existing phenomenon in perspective our humanity, in wisdom lover perspective.

That is including business model and persuasion in interactive communication.

A commercial tendency and persuasion can be the distortion of wisdom. That is why we also learn about persuasion and advertisement. We can not critique without knowing what we critique.

Then why this website domain is lower wisdom.

Don’t worry. It doesn’t want to downgrade your wisdom, to lower wisdom.

Let’s compare sophist and philosopher, who trigger much discovery and invention and have the big contribution? Sophist thinks they are the wise person. And philosopher thinks they are wisdom lover. It is not competition. Philosopher more have the contribution.

Lower wisdom to find true wisdom, Why?

If you think you are a wise man, you think that your knowledge is sufficient. So you keep your knowledge and don’t want to rethink your knowledge. Lower wisdom breaks binary opposition about lower wisdom and higher wisdom.  If we feel higher wisdom, we defend our higher position and also refuse to rethink.  That is not true wisdom.


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Lower Wisdom Team:

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