4 Ways IT Can Increase Sales

Marketing fills a need for target market profitably. Where is selling? Selling lay on getting profit and give something that market need. In the company perspective, it converts products to profit. To fulfill this purpose, the marketer needs to know which the most hungry segment in the market. He learns to understand the market like digging a gold. The gold is when he found a segmented market that hungry and ready to pay at a good price with less competition. And also they can provide products and service to fulfill their need profitably.

Market is subject to complex variation and also change. So, marketer has to sensitive to variation and change. In the technology information, they  update information in daily basis. Market information update is important to adept marketing program to the right direction. They adjust the marketing mix to market trend in motion.

Information technology can help the marketer to be more sensitive to market variation and change on a daily basis. This article will show you how information technology to help marketer to update.

Google Analytics

By using google analytics or another web analytics, we can get tje visitors of the web. We can also get a breakdown, which pages they visit, how long. The website has multiple kinds of page, for example, editorial information and commercial information. Google analytics also give information about the profile of visitor, their interest, geographic, demographic and also psychographic.

Facebook Pixel

By using Facebook pixel, we can track website visitor and also their facebook profiles. Compare to google analytics, Facebook can give more information about their interest. If we get a group of a website visitor, we also get information about their geographic, demographic and also especially psycho-graphic and behavior.

Google Ads

By using google ads, we can try to advertise target market based on their keywords. Keyword signals their interest. We can test several market segment to know which best performance target market for specific products.

Facebook Lookalike

By collect data from the Facebook pixel, we can use it as a model profile to find a similar profile. The Facebook feature that enables this function is lookalike. We can get multiple market segment based on the model that we give to the facebook. Of course, more data that we give to Facebook, more similar data that Facebook provides to us.

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