#3 News Headline Model for Copywriting

Maybe you say, “News Headline Model” is not creative. In other words, the idealist person avoids cliché. That attitude is also applied to copywriting. However, copywriting is not a poet or art that appreciate originality. It is writing to sell. Therefore, it is no problem if we use cliché that tested over time. There is the headline formula that we can use for.

We can create headline by learn headline model that we can modify. For instance, John Caples create headline formula that applies to advertisement. Even though it also can apply to another format, like story, article, song, drama and so on.

News Headline Formula

News headline formula use human pretension to update something new. For example:

  • introducing the new …
  • announcing a new …
  • new …
  • now …
  • at last …

“Introducing the new …” Headline

People like updating information about something
new in the environment. Maybe you are an inventor that doesn’t like artificial new, like packaging, little touch. But the market is not like you. It is examples of headline that inform something new.

  • announcing a new way to drive
  • announcing a new way to learn English
  • announcing a new way to create a beautiful home
  • airline proudly introduce something shocking amazing
  • Now you can get money by your smartphone
  • New paradigm in Marketing

We can use “at last” to begin headline. It give impression that it is a hard work invention.  For example:

  • at last, new way to write headline quickly
  • at last, you can get money, from home
  • at last, you can travel Europe in one hour
  • at last, we can buy home for 1000 USD

Unbelievable? Maybe. You know more about it is unbelievable or not. Best headline is believable. That is just examples of headlines. You can make it believable.

Put a Date Headline Model

Put a date headline model give impression about news and scarcity. Therefor, it can get attention to target market.

  • 25 December Sale
  • 24 hours to learn python
  • Black Friday Sale at Amazon

In sum, news headline model has several option.

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