Month: October 2018

Competition Strategy for Niche Player

Companies with small resources usually avoid competition by entering into areas that are not attractive to large companies. Even so, large companies can also make various kinds of products and services for various niche markets or niches. This strategy follows a strategy…Read More »

Competition Strategy

Because competition cannot be avoided, a strategy is needed to deal with it. Although, business sustainability depends on sustainable transactions with consumers. Consumers can continue to make transactions if they don’t turn to competitors or other solutions. That is what is called…Read More »

Freud Theory of Need

According to Sigmund Freud, in humans, there is an unconscious psychic power that greatly influences human behavior. Awareness has little effect compared to unseen unconsciousness. Even the perpetrators themselves do not know and cannot state. Between unconsciousness and consciousness, there is a…Read More »

Herzberg Theory of Need

Frederick Herzberg conducted research on 203 engineers and accountants in the Pittburg area and found two factors about need. The first factor is satisfying (satisfier) ​​or a factor of rental (disatisfier). This satisfying factor is a factor that, if it exists, will…Read More »